The Flemingsberg Science Foundation works to make Flemingsberg one of Sweden’s most important centers for education, research and creativity by 2050. We promote and take the lead in the development of knowledge-intensive activities in Flemingsberg. We do this together with academia, business and society.

Good news for Flemingsberg commuters

October 31st, 2023|

Earlier this week, Mitt i Stockholm reported the joyful news that they will be increasing the number of departures on the Södertälje commuter train during rush hours starting from Monday, October 30th. This means that the trains will run eight times per hour.

  • Picture of Erik Digman Wiklund

Circio, the most advanced company in Europe in circRNA technology, is setting up in new facilities in Flemingsberg

September 27th, 2023|

The Norwegian company, Circio Holding ASA, has established a Swedish subsidiary, Circio AB, in Flemingsberg, and they have recently expanded their facilities. The research group and activity level at the Karolinska Institutet grew, necessitating their acquisition of their own labs and offices at A Working Lab in Flemingsberg.

  • Picture from the campus day

Campus Flemingsberg – A Knowledge Hub Shaping the Future Society

September 27th, 2023|

At Campus Flemingsberg, nearly 20,000 students study a wide range of subjects, from medical technology and healthcare, to humanities, police training, and music education. It is a place full of knowledge where the foundations of the future society are being laid, and after a pause of three years, the campus day is finally back. It's a day when students and professionals gather at Campus Flemingsberg to kick off the autumn semester together.

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