Campus Day sparks new co-operation across borders

The autumn term at Campus Flemingsberg kicked off with the now traditional Campus Day. The event brings together students from all the colleges and universities in Flemingsberg to get to know one another and get advice on everything from student wellbeing to future career paths, as well as competing for a free lunch in the autumn sunshine.

Campus Day is characterized by bringing down borders as it is not only students from the different colleges meet, but also staff. Something that paves the way for new collaborations says Ayla De Paepe, co-ordinator of Karolinska Institutet’s careers service.

“Today, I’ve met colleagues who work on similar things that I do, but at establishments other than Karolinska Institutet. We’ve decided to meet several more times during the autumn to see how we can work together to help each other improve,” says De Paepe.

Several student bodies had their own presentation tables on the lawn behind Södertörn University Library. Committee members of the Medtech Students’ Union at KTH were at one of the tables.

“We want to be visible to all Campus Flemingsberg students. Throughout our courses, we’ve benefitted from working closely with KI students, but we want to make more contacts among all Flemingsberg students,” says Carl Ronström, chair of the Medtech Students’ Union.

Campus Day attracted some 20 exhibitors and organizers laid on an extensive entertainment programme with singing and music from students and staff at SMI, University College of Music Education in Stockholm, while attendees ate lunch on the grass.

Five principals delivered the traditional welcome address, among them the new principal of the Red Cross University College, Susanne Georgsson.

“Campus Flemingsberg offers a creative university environment where we have the opportunity to broaden our horizons in a way that makes it easy for us to develop with others,” said Georgsson.

Georgsson was accompanied by fellow principals including Gustaf Amberg, principal of Södertörn University, who stressed the strengths of today’s umbrella campus.

“Campus Flemingsberg is our home. This is the country’s eighth largest campus, it’s a genuine academic hub in Sweden,” says Amberg.

Temporary diversion of Hälsovägen

On Hälsovägen, construction will soon start on 800 new homes, two preschools and premises. New walkways and squares will also be built here. A temporary diversion road has been built on Hälsovägen's central strip. The existing lane on the north side (from Huddingevägen in the direction of Flemingsberg's center) will be closed due to excavation work.

Stockholm Life Tech gets full funding

Stockholm Life Tech is awarded over SEK 16 million from the European Regional Development Fund. The project is run by Region Stockholm and will enable advanced development and production environments in Flemingsberg to be opened to small and medium-sized companies.

P4 Stockholm covers south Stockholm from Södertörn University

Since September last year, Swedish Radio station SR P4 Stockholm has had a local editorial team based at Södertörn University. The initiative is part of the station’s comprehensive local news coverage in the region. It also creates opportunities for educational co-operation with journalism training at the university.

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