Inhalation Sciences Sweden

What is your business concept, what problems are you hoping to solve?
“Inhalation Sciences Sweden develops and commercializes world-leading instruments for research into how particles in inhaled air affect our lungs and thereby our health,” says Manoush Masarrat, CEO of Inhalation Sciences.

“Our patented lab instrument PreciseInhale offers researchers the opportunity to identify with great precision how aerosoles and small particles affect our lungs and health.”

What are you working on currently?
“Our products have been launched on the international market. Following our listing on Aktietorget, today Spotlight, in September 2017, it’s now time to expand our sales and marketing,” says Masarrat.

“There are considerable limitations with techniques that are currently available for the development of inhaled drugs and the identification of risks associated with environmentally hazardous substances. This inhibits the development of new drugs that can be administered via the lungs, and complicates the assessment of health risks to which we’re exposed every time we take a breath.”

What are your plans for the future?
“We’re now focusing on increasing our sales and marketing resources, as well as production and quality control. One future development area is the development of our instruments for dosing in clinics, where we have begun a clinical study that is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.” says Masarrat.

Why are you based in Flemingsberg?
“In Flemingsberg, we have access to the advanced labs that we need, and it offers the right facilities we need to expand,” says Manoush Masarrat, CEO of Inhalation Sciences.


Hälsovägen 7
141 57 Huddinge
Blickagången 6, elevator E, level 6
+46 (0)70 562 5195

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