Breaking ground for new apartments along Hälsovägen

Huge Bostäder are the first construction company to build new apartments and premises along Hälsovägen. Ground was recently broken for around 209 apartments, of which some 81 will be student accommodation.

The autumnal sunshine broke through the clouds just as ground was broken by municipal council chairman Daniel Dronjak (Moderate Party), Huge Bostäder CEO Karin Strömberg Ekström, and Huge’s chairwoman Gunilla Helmerson (Moderate Party), Annika Grönberg from construction company NCC, and Susanne Fritz from Huddinge municipality’s children’s and education service.

“I’m proud and pleased that this day has finally arrived. At Huge, we talk about wanting to create a vibrant community environment in Huddinge and with this project we’re really living up to that because we’re building for several generations,” says Karin Strömberg Ekström, Huge Bostäder CEO.

The 209 or so new apartments are being built together with a pre-school for 160 children, with each building environmentally certified and between six and 10 floors. Initial occupancy is projected to be in 2022.

“There is considerable demand for rental apartments and student accommodation in Huddinge. Furthermore, this is the start of something much bigger: the development of the new Hälsovägen as a boulevard that leads through Flemingsberg and down to Sweden’s largest urban development project: Flemingsbergsdalen,” says Daniel Dronjak (Moderate Party), chairman of the municipal council.

The pre-school will be located close to the natural surroundings of Flemingsberg Park, and will also offer overnight care. A service that is likely to be especially sought after given the pre-school’s proximity to Karolinska University Hospital, explains Susanne Fritz, operational director for child and education services at Huddinge municipality.

“This is a place of work that is active around the clock. The Äventyret pre-school will add an extra ingredient to the existing academic environment,” says Fritz.

Flemingsberg Science to award ideas that contribute to a better world

If you study, work or live in Flemingsberg, you can now submit your business idea in a preliminary round of Sweden’s national business competition, the Venture Cup – an initiative that Flemingsberg Science hopes will encourage the development of ideas that contribute to a better world.

Widerströmska College welcomes its first students

Huddinge’s newest high school is now up and running. Widerströmska College is at the heart of Campus Flemingsberg where students can look forward to knowledge exchange with the surrounding higher education institutions.

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