Foto: Erik Cronholm.

Stockholm Life Tech gets full funding

Stockholm Life Tech is awarded over SEK 16 million from the European Regional Development Fund. The project is run by Region Stockholm and will enable advanced development and production environments in Flemingsberg to be opened to small and medium-sized companies.

In Flemingsberg, it is primarily ANA Futura and Vecura that are opened to more small and medium-sized companies working on advanced therapies. Something that can support the growth of small and medium-sized companies in life science.

Stockholm Life Tech is run by the Stockholm Region to further develop and make available research and innovation infrastructures in the region. The work will be conducted in three different blocks and nine defined work packages.

Sustainability aspects should permeate the project, for example when selecting companies. Activities that are planned to be carried out include, for example, mentoring groups and women’s networks.

Stockholm Life Tech will result in an increased interest in investing and setting up Life Science companies in the region. The project is ongoing until 2023.

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Biosfär: “We want to democratise the care of the elderly”

Biosfär took home first prize in the Södertörn Social Cup ideas contest, which rewards social innovations. The idea behind Biosfär is to give people in homes for the elderly and in nursing homes the opportunity to experience joint activities in virtual reality.

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