Prejudice-free recruitment wins Södertörn Social Cup

This year’s winner of the Södertörn Social Cup startup competition was recruitment service Rektra, which uses AI to make recruitment fairer and more efficient.

“Our service is both time- and cost-efficient, for job seekers and recruiters. We’ve focused heavily on improving job matches based on the job seekers’ goals,” says Sanna Bergling, CEO of Rektra, which she founded with her husband Philip.

Sanna worked in conventional recruitment herself and knows that the selection phase itself takes a considerable amount of time, up to 20 hours per candidate. Rektra does this instead, removing unnecessary delays, with the help of AI.
“We match candidates’ skill sets with specific jobs, and take into account what the candidate wants to do, what are they looking to do next in their career. Right now, we’re focusing on jobseekers at the beginning of their careers.”

Sanna Bergling, CEO of Rektra.

Every candidate’s name, profile picture, gender, and age are anonymized in the recruitment process to make the process fairer and more equitable.
“Our method guarantees that recruitments can be free from prejudice and can contribute to a more equal and socially sustainable society,” says Sanna.

The final of the Södertörn Social Cup was between 10 entries, with prizes being awarded for first and second place.
“Winning the Södertörn Social Cup means a lot. It’s a validation of our ideas and generates greater interest. We had a great response which makes it easier to develop the idea and the business,” she says.
The event is arranged by Drivhuset Stockholm, Venture Cup, and Flemingsberg Science.

You can still catch the final here.

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