Biosfär and Sparla winners of the Södertörn Social Cup

The Södertörn Social Cup rewards early startups in social innovation with a focus on the UN’s global sustainability goals. This year, first and second place went to the students behind Biosfär and Sparla respectively.

– The win is a validation of our concept that gives us energy to continue to develop, says Jazgul Ismailova, founder of the fintech app Sparla that took home second place in the competition.
Sparla uses AI to offer an app that can contribute to more sustainable personal finances.

The first prize and a check for SEK 7000:- went to Biosfär.
– Winning the Södertörn Social Cup is recognition that gives me the power to develop this from an idea into a company, says Kayla Van Cleave, founder of Biosfär and ethnography student at Södertörn University.
Biosfär is a form of experience space that, with the help of new technology, can create a virtual reality where it is possible to create and experience joint activities.

You will find more information about the contest here.

Biosfär: “We want to democratise the care of the elderly”

Biosfär took home first prize in the Södertörn Social Cup ideas contest, which rewards social innovations. The idea behind Biosfär is to give people in homes for the elderly and in nursing homes the opportunity to experience joint activities in virtual reality.

Sparla helps you to sustainable personal finances

Sparla is the fintech – financial technology – app that will make your personal finances "financially fit". Recently, the service was awarded second prize in the Södertörn Social Cup. The service is now being developed to take the step from the student world to the general public.

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