Dance collective focusing on young people takes the stage at Flemingsberg’s stage art residence

The dance collective Johanssons pelargoner och dans will be the first to appear on the stage art residence established by Huddinge municipality and Södertörn University. In 2021, the collective will, among other things, develop workshops and give open rehearsals in Flemingsberg.

Johanssons pelargoner och dans is a dance collective and a production platform with over ten years of experience in performing arts and dance pedagogical work with a special focus on children and young people. The collective works with participatory and movement-based performing arts – often headphone-based. Something that makes it possible for the audience to be co-creative in the design of a performance.

– We look forward to welcoming the chosen performer Johanssons pelargoner och dans to the premises of Södertörn University, says Gustav Amberg, Vice-Chancellor of Södertörn University. We believe that through this project we will take further steps in opening up the university to our local area when students, researchers and teachers here at the university collaborate with the actor and the local community and thus allow more people to contribute to and take part in artistic activities.
– We also hope that the residence gives rise to interesting and perhaps a little unexpected exchanges of ideas between our research – which is conducted in a number of areas – and artistic practice.

The stage art residence has been established in collaboration between Huddinge Municipality and Södertörn University and provides access to the university’s stage Svarta lådan for one year. Here, a group will explore artistic methods and processes in collaboration with the environment.

In 2021, Johanssons pelargoner och danse plan to interact with both places and people in Flemingsberg. All to exchange knowledge, create new collaborations, develop new ideas and explore your own creation. The work will result in workshops, dialogues and open rehearsals as well as a new public work.

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Application for Flemingsberg Science Award 2022 opens

As a student, worker or resident in Flemingsberg you can now compete with your business idea. In a sub-competition to the national business plan competition Venture Cup, Flemingsberg Science rewards ideas that contribute to a better world. In addition to the prize money of SEK 5.000, the winner also gets a rent-free space for three months in Flemingsbergs Sciences' innovation environment.

“Soon we can meet again IRL”

Since the Covid outbreak, our work has been characterised by video meetings, especially in our various focus groups. Success has exceeded expectations, thanks to the fact that the approximately 70 people who are involved in the groups had time to get to know one other and the issues even before the pandemic. But we are really looking forward to being able to meet again IRL, and hopefully soon – it is so much more enjoyable!

XNK Therapeutics lays the groundwork for GMP facility in Flemingsberg

"Flemingsberg is the place in the world you want to be if you work with NK cells. There is a strong research facility here with a world-leading research group and proximity to a clinic that really knows NK cells. We recently started the construction of a new GMP facility with an associated research laboratory of 350 square meters for our NK cell therapy. The new facility is being built at Novum in Flemingsberg and, once the facility is completed in 2022, it will give us complete control over the entire development chain."

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