Sparly winner of Flemingsberg Science Award 2021

Sparly won the Flemingsberg Science Award start-up competition. In addition to the prize money of SEK 10,000, they can now take up a place in Flemingsberg’s Sciences’ innovation environment, free for three months.

“It’s absolutely fantastic that we won. It’s our second commendation in a short time, as we also won a prize in the Södertörn Social Cup. The Flemingsberg Science Award is another confirmation that our idea is in perfect tune with the times,” says Jazgul Ismailova, founder of the fintech app Sparly and Master’s student in Sustainable Business at Södertörn University.

Jazgul Ismailova

A path to sustainable personal finances
Sparly is an app that links to your bank account to create an individualised budget for you, using machine learning and Open Banking. The goal is to give young adults increased knowledge about their expenses and also offer a way for them to live more sustainably.

“We have put a lot of work into our idea and it means a great deal that we’ve now got an external perspective from a jury and a business adviser. During the competition we gained a greater network of contacts and learned a lot, including how we can be even clearer in what we offer,” says Jazgul Ismailova.

This year’s motivation for the Flemingsberg Science Award reads:

The foundation of a sustainable lifestyle is a sustainable personal economy, which in turn allows for freedom and choice. Today, many people have problems with this and end up in unsustainable situations with large and expensive loans, among other things.
The winner, Sparly, has created a tool to help people find (and find their way back to) a healthy personal economy.

Third year the prize is awarded
Flemingsberg’s Science Award is awarded in collaboration with the Venture Cup business plan competition and this is the third consecutive year the prize has gone to a startup connected to Flemingsberg.

“This year we again had a very strong starting field, but Sparly stood out with its idea of helping young people, especially students, to create a sustainable private economy. Today, many young people get into debt early, something they need help to avoid. They also need help to get out of debt if they fall into it,” says Björn Varnestig, CEO, Flemingsberg Science.

Flemingsberg Science awards two prizes in connection with the Venture Cup, both with the goal of getting more students, workers and residents in Flemingsberg to take the step of developing their business ideas.

“We need to encourage entrepreneurship in Flemingsberg and get more people to dare to invest. In Flemingsberg there is already a broad academic knowledge, but we need to go further to develop successful businesses.”

Inspires others to invest
Sparly’s Jazgul Ismailova looks forward to taking up the spot the app has won in the Flemingsberg Science innovation environment, and she plans to use the prize money to spread the word about the app to more young people in need of support.

“Recognition like Flemingsberg’s Science Award is important to inspire others to dare to dream big, invest and go the extra mile to develop their ideas. We are happy to help open the way for others in the area to take that step,” says Jazgul Ismailova.

See the entire award ceremony below (in Swedish):

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