New year – new plans

The year is coming to an end by leaps and bounds and the same applies to my first two months at Flemingsberg Science. My expectations of the new assignment, ongoing operations, networks and partners have been easily met.

Campus Flemingsberg is unique and there is the power and will to develop the campus area even more. Here, of course, Flemingsberg Science will contribute through the assignment to develop knowledge-intensive activities in Flemingsberg.

When we enter 2022, we will do so with a new strategic focus for the foundation’s work. The Board has formulated three strategic goals for the period 2022-2025. The goals are clear: Flemingsberg will be the first choice for establishments in southern Stockholm. Flemingsberg will offer an internationally competitive innovation environment. In addition, Flemingsberg will be developed into a test bed for urban societal challenges.

We are now looking ahead and will in January present plans that will take us to set goals.

We at Flemingsberg Science wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Johnny Högberg
CEO, Flemingsberg Science

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