Flemingsberg Science joins Swedish Incubators & Science Parks

Foundation Flemingsberg Science is to join the Swedish Incubators & Science Parks network, a collaboration that will accelerate the development of Flemingsberg’s internationally competitive innovation environment.

The Swedish Incubators & Science Parks trade association, (SISP), has about 60 members across Sweden, representing more than 5,000 companies and more than 70,000 employees. SISP specializes in knowledge-based, growth-oriented companies and members run physical meeting places, offer operational business development, often run or collaborate with clusters, and is Triple Helix-approved.

Johnny Högberg, Flemingsberg Science CEO.

“SIPS membership gives us access to benchmarks and collaborations with similar organizations. Our ambition is to create an internationally competitive innovation environment in Flemingsberg. Collaboration with SISP makes it easier to develop innovation support systems and helps build communities that create attractiveness and content for companies and organizations,” says Johnny Högberg, Flemingsberg Science CEO.

Among the first activities within SIPS in which Flemingsberg Science participates is the Swedish Innovation Parliament (Sveriges Innovationsriksdag), 17-19 May. For three days, the challenges of the future for growth in companies, startups and the commercialization of research will be discussed.

SISP activities contribute to a renewal of the business community, growth and more knowledge-intensive jobs.
“We’re delighted that Flemingsberg Science is now part of SISP, bringing us closer to the important scientific environment in Flemingsberg. We’re seeing that it’s becoming increasingly important for innovation environments to collaborate on a regional and national level. This applies to collaboration assignments and business development,” says Johan Ödmark, SISP CEO.

Read more about Swedish Incubators & Science Parks at sisp.se.

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