A strategy, a plan, but above all, action!

The Flemingsberg Science Foundation board approved its business plan for 2022 in January. This essentially paves the way for an increase in the pace of business set-ups and opportunities to innovate in Flemingsberg. Almost six months on, what have we achieved?

In May, we unveiled the new campusflemingsberg.se website, which provides details of courses, businesses, services, environments, core facilities, collaborations and innovations. Building awareness and facilitating networking are key steps to enable more businesses to establish themselves and give existing actors new opportunities to find each other and to make contact with one another.

We also launched the Flemingsberg Business Community in May to create a meeting place for campus businesses to discuss key issues in the development of the business environment in Flemingsberg.

The period has also seen Pernilla and I move into new premises. We are now based in A Working Lab’s premises on Alfred Nobels Allé 10.

The first six months of the year also included a large number of meetings with businesses, property owners, municipalities and representatives from Region Stockholm. Everyone we meet expresses a strong desire to contribute to our work on business start-ups and to strengthen site marketing of Flemingsberg. This involves tackling details as well as having the capacity to take on the big issues, those that take a little longer to address.

Spring was quite intense but above all, it was very stimulating. The Foundation would like to wish everyone a wonderful summer! I hope and believe that autumn will be successful.

Test your business idea: Flemingsberg Science Award Startup open for applications

STARTUP is a competition for startups with a clear connection to Flemingsberg, either as students, residents or otherwise active in the area. All ideas are welcome to participate in STARTUP as long as you compete with your own idea and the turnover and external equity is below SEK 1,000,000 at the time you submit to the competition. After that, we of course welcome you to continue working with the business idea, sales and any investments.

Wrapping up a really positive year

In January 2022, the Flemingsberg Science Foundation adopted its new strategic plan for 2025 with the goals of making Flemingsberg the first choice for doing business in southern Stockholm, that Flemingsberg offers an internationally competitive innovation environment, and that Flemingsberg offers a testbed for societal challenges.

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