Flemingsberg Science leads ecosystem development with Stockholm Life Tech

Within Stockholm Life Tech, we are currently working on developing the Life Science ecosystem at Campus Flemingsberg. And the first step in this process is a review of everything from academia to innovation support.

Participating organisations in Stockholm Life Tech include Stockholm Science City Foundation, Karolinska Institutet, Flemingsberg Science, Akademiska Hus, and Karolinska Institutet Science Park. The project lead is Region Stockholm. Our objective is to make laboratories and research and innovation infrastructure available to small and medium-sized businesses in and around Stockholm’s two leading life science environments: Hagastaden and Flemingsberg. Everything we do is intended to accelerate the growth of life science companies and build the attractiveness of the Stockholm region.

Developing the ecosystem
Part of realising these goals is to develop the Life Science ecosystem. Among other things, this is about bringing together actors such as businesses, researchers, institutions, business support, politics and more, to build consensus around what is needed to further develop Life Science.
This might be about various types of support that are missing, for example advice, or the need for more collaboration, or structural barriers that need to be removed. In the project, this work has been led by KI Science Park, but from June 2022 it has been headed by Flemingsbergs Science, which means we will focus on Campus Flemingsberg.
For the remaining duration of the project, we plan to carry out an analysis of the existing ecosystem in Flemingsberg, with a focus on highlighting areas such as education, research, talent, infrastructure, business clusters, innovation support, attractiveness and expansion opportunities.
We are also planning a seminar on how the future Life Science ecosystem will look. The seminar will coincide with the official opening of A Working Lab’s co-working space at Alfred Nobels allé 10.

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