Lab facilities where businesses can grow

A Working Lab, (AWL), has now opened its doors in Flemingsberg. The site offers generous lab spaces in various sizes to help more businesses grow in a vibrant life science environment.

AWL is a community and meeting place specialising in the life science sector. Here you’ll find everything from private office space to meeting rooms and labs in a variety of sizes. AWL in Flemingsberg has capacity to welcome smaller as well as really large businesses.
“It’s entirely possible to scale up or down at our premises. We currently have about six labs available; several of them are extremely large and can be screened off to accommodate more businesses,” says Satya Silcock, Service Manager, AWL.

National community
Flemingsberg provides immediate proximity to several players in the life science field, such as Karolinska Institutet, Karolinska University Hospital, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Södertörn University. One of AWL’s goals is to build a strong community where everyone can get the help they need and learn from each other.
“Our community extends across the country because we have co-working and meeting facilities in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Umeå. We also organise regular events to further increase exchange and networking between members,” says Silcock.
In addition to access to own-lab premises, there is also a shared lab for all Flemingsberg tenants.

Truly Labs relocates to Flemingsberg
One of the businesses which is set to relocate to AWL Flemingsberg is Truly Labs.
“We’re based in Lund, and at the beginning of the year we started our expansion in the Stockholm region. AWL in Solna has made this process very straightforward by providing us with a fantastic space and environment that facilitates networking,” says Carla Carvalho, Senior Researcher at Truly Labs.

“However, there’s currently limited physical space to grow in Solna as there seems to be a shortage of laboratory and office space. So, we were delighted when AWL decided to open in Flemingsberg. We see considerable potential [in Flemingsberg] for growth and expansion,” Carvalho adds.

Learn more about AWL Flemingsberg here.

Flemingsberg Science Foundation at Almedalen

We at the foundation have spent a sunny week in Almedalen 2024. It was a week filled with many insights and exciting discussions, and a highlight for us was our roundtable discussion, which we organized together with Huddinge Municipality. There, we delved into Flemingsberg's significance for southern Stockholm as a world-leading player in life science. Pernilla Boström, COO of the Flemingsberg Science Foundation, shares more.

Summer Greetings from Johnny Högberg

What's happening in Flemingsberg? Launching a value proposition for Flemingsberg together with other stakeholders and starting to use a shared narrative is probably the single most important achievement for us at the foundation this spring. 

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