Meet Josefine Bresmar: Flemingsberg Science’s new Director of Communications

At the end of the summer, Josefine Bresmar started as Flemingsberg Science’s new Director of Communications. One of Josefine’s main tasks will be to develop the Flemingsberg Business Community network.

Hi Josefine! You started working here almost a month ago, how are you getting on?
“Fantastic! I feel really at home in our small organisation and have started to strengthen how the Foundation communicates. Our goal is to inform more people about Flemingsberg’s exciting transformation into one of Stockholm’s most important centres for education, research and creativity; and to showcase the role that the Flemingsberg Science Foundation has in driving progress forward.

“A key part of my work will be to develop the Flemingsberg Business Community into a lively meeting place for everyone who works or runs a business on Campus Flemingsberg. We’re already busy planning several exciting events!”

What sort of knowledge and experience do you bring with you to Flemingsberg?
“Prior to coming to Flemingsberg, I was on the Communications Programme at Södertörn University, which means that I’m already familiar with Campus Flemingsberg. I had a great time at Campus Flemingsberg all through my course. The area offers so much knowledge and has a lovely atmosphere with so many people on the move.

“Before that, I worked in the service sector, so I bring with me experience from hospitality and retail, where I learned a great deal about service and how you get different people to work together successfully.”

What are you most looking forward to?
“On the one hand to transform my skills in analysis and strategy into successful communication that strengthens the knowledge of Flemingsberg, and on the other to grow in the role of communicator myself together with my delightful new colleagues Pernilla and Johnny.”

Josefine Bresmar
New Director of Communications at Flemingsberg Science
Age: 27
Family: Mother, father, little brother and little sister
Freetime: A serious music nerd who collects vinyl. Loves going to blues clubs in Stockholm’s Old Town, and spending time with friends.
Unexpected experience: As a youngster, tried to become a professional dancer but was forced to leave the Ballet Academy following an injury. Gave her the experience of starting afresh after an unexpected setback.

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