Innovation, collaboration, and culture converge in Flemingsberg

This year’s Innovation and Collaboration Days in Flemingsberg focused on how innovation, research, and educational collaboration can contribute to a sustainable society, as well as the need for cultural industries in a growing neighborhood.

The days kicked off with Prof. Malin Lindberg from Luleå University of Technology discussing the roles that humanities and social sciences can play in social innovation. This was followed by an engaging panel discussion with participants from Södertörn University, Botkyrka municipality, LTU, and Samverket. This diverse group of individuals is crucial and forms a central part of Södertörn University’s efforts to encourage and support both researchers and students in engaging with social innovation and entrepreneurship.

-We need to share our methods and results in social innovation to learn from each other and encourage more collaboration and innovation, says Johan Bornebusch, Director of Innovation Station Flemingsberg.

Cultural and Creative Industries

During the Innovation and Collaboration Days, the focus also shifted to the potential in Flemingsberg for cultural and creative industries. While Flemingsberg currently thrives as a well-functioning ecosystem within the Life Science sector, the ongoing construction of Flemingsberg’s new city center and the overarching goal of increasing the population from 15,000 to 50,000 necessitate a strengthening of cultural life, development of the restaurant scene, and promotion of the growth of creative industries.

Participants during the innovation days shared their perspectives on being cultural workers today, and Johnny Högberg, CEO of the Flemingsberg Science Foundation, emphasized the opportunities Flemingsberg offers for the establishment of more creative startups. Through this, we can establish a robust ecosystem for cultural and creative industries.

Inauguration of an Inspiring and Creative Environment

These insightful and inspiring days concluded with the inauguration of Innovation Station, our new meeting place, innovation hub, and coworking space. Here, the conversations from these days can naturally continue in a stimulating and creative environment.

-Innovation Days have been a significant, educational, and joyful dialogue among people and stakeholders who want to contribute to societal development, both locally in Flemingsberg and on a more global scale, says Johan Bornebusch.

Need a new, creative workspace? Visit Innovation Station Flemingsberg.

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