We are creating a joint value proposition for Flemingsberg

We are creating a shared value proposition for Flemingsberg in collaboration with the business units of Huddinge and Botkyrka municipalities, Fabege, Hemsö, and the Clara Foundation. To accomplish this, we have enlisted the help of the communications agency Gullers Grupp.

The idea of creating a shared value proposition to attract establishments and investments to Flemingsberg originally came from us at the Flemingsberg Science Foundation. Although several stakeholders are working towards the same goal, we realized that a shared value proposition could contribute to increasing the pace of establishments in Flemingsberg. Additionally, it provides us with a unified message that everyone can benefit from when talking about the Flemingsberg area.

Flemingsberg is currently a central hub for knowledge and innovation in the region. There are many actors with different interests contributing to the development of Flemingsberg as an attractive meeting place and knowledge center. There is a desire to attract more business entities, restaurants, and offerings that, in turn, can attract more students, professionals, and residents, with the aim of ensuring the crucial role of competence supply.

More concretely, the work involves creating a value proposition as a cohesive presentation package that inspires usage. It should include descriptions in various formats, such as an elevator pitch, a half-hour presentation, and a longer presentation. The work will also result in a so-called roadmap, meaning that we will have a clear plan for how to anchor and disseminate our shared value proposition. In summary, this initiative is about all stakeholders using the same presentation and having a clear, shared vision as we work towards making Flemingsberg one of Sweden’s most significant centers for education, research, and creativity by 2050.”


Johnny Högberg
CEO, Flemingsberg Science
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Pernilla Boström
COO, Flemingsberg Science
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Josefine Bresmar
Kommunikatör, Flemingsberg Science
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