Helene Hellmark Knutsson becomes the new chairperson of the Flemingsberg Science Foundation

We extend warm thanks to Irene Svenonius for her dedication as the chairperson of our foundation. During her tenure, Irene actively worked to enhance the attractiveness of the area and strengthen the scientific environment. 

“Flemingsberg has incredible strengths. It boasts several top-tier academies, world-leading research, and healthcare facilities. Additionally, there is a favorable environment for small businesses in Life Science that could become tomorrow’s major successes. A key factor is the physical proximity among all stakeholders, with everything located within a few hundred meters. It has been stimulating to contribute to the positive development, growth, and strengthened competitiveness that is vital for the entire Stockholm region during my almost five years as the chair of the Flemingsberg Science Foundation. Clear goals, continuous improvement, and enhanced collaboration among all stakeholders have borne fruit. I am thrilled that Helene Hellmark Knutsson is now taking on the chairmanship of Flemingsberg Science. She has the right skills and experiences that will greatly benefit the foundation going forward.” – Irene Svenonius.

We are now delighted to welcome Helene Hellmark Knutsson, County Governor of Västerbotten and former Minister for Higher Education and Research. With previous roles as County Councilor in Stockholm and Chair of the Municipal Executive Board in Sundbyberg, she brings extensive experience. 

“I am truly looking forward to joining Flemingsberg Science on its continued journey of development as the new chair. The board and the office have done an impressive job, together with partners, to refine and highlight Flemingsberg as a unique hub for innovation and research. Addressing the significant societal challenges of our time requires collaborative efforts from various stakeholders – the business sector, academia, and the public sector. Flemingsberg serves as a hub for such collaboration across multiple areas, particularly in health, technology, and sustainable urban development. The increasing number of establishments here reflects the success in creating an attractive and dynamic place that continues to evolve. I hope to contribute my experiences and network to further strengthen an already robust location.” – Helene Hellmark Knutsson.

With strong leadership and valuable collaborations, Flemingsberg continues to be a hub for innovation and progress. Stay tuned for exciting events, and feel free to subscribe to our newsletter.

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