Station X: A Concept for Collaboration and Innovation in Flemingsberg

On February 9th, Södertörn University and Innovation Station opened their doors to a new concept that creates a meeting place for companies, students, teachers, and researchers. 

A New Contact Surface that Increases the Value of Collaborations
Station X introduces a new concept that combines extensive experience in collaboration with an innovative meeting place for companies, students, teachers, and researchers. Johan Bornebusch, director of Innovation Station, explains that Södertörn University and several institutions at Campus Flemingsberg together create a competitive venue with high competence, groundbreaking research, and students ready to enter the workforce. However, there has been a lack of sufficient contact surfaces to deepen collaboration between companies, students, teachers, and researchers, thereby creating a lasting relationship.

 “With the inauguration of Innovation Station, the venue has become a facilitator and thereby created a new contact platform that did not exist before. We want to create continuity around internship collaborations and increase the value of that contact. Innovation Station is an innovation hub, co-working space, but also a meeting place for activities in Flemingsberg, and perhaps Station X is the broadest meeting place,” says Johan Bornebusch.

An Inspiring Breeding Ground for New Ideas
Station X’s first theme is User Experience Design (UX), where companies, students, and teachers from IT, media, and design programs, as well as the User Experience Design program, are invited. This initiative aims not only to maintain continuity for internships but also to give companies the opportunity to collaborate with teachers and researchers. Johan Bornebusch also argues that this can result in assignments for courses, proposals for theses, but also potential research collaborations.

“The Station X platform provides an opportunity for students, researchers, and entrepreneurs, groups that do not usually meet, to meet, make contacts, and exchange knowledge and perspectives. Meeting in this way is inspiring and a good breeding ground for new ideas,” says Pia Forsberg, business manager at Huddinge Municipality.

Explore the Opportunities at Station UX
What can you expect at Station UX? Johan responds that the networking event will offer a welcoming atmosphere where collaboration partners will present the vision for future Flemingsberg, responsible parties will provide insight into education and current research projects, companies and organizations will give short presentations, and the opportunity to mingle and discuss internships, collaboration, and the future within UX. It’s an open networking event, a mingle, a showcase, and a gateway for UX competencies.

“When talking about innovation and collaboration, we usually separate the education track from the research track. What is missed is the area in between, and that is the area that Station X aims to fill. We hope that many see these opportunities and want to participate on February 9th,” – Johan Bornebusch.

Do you feel that this is something you or your company cannot miss? Then you are welcome to register for Station UX on February 9th from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm at Innovation Station here!

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