Compete for the Flemingsberg Science Award STARTUP 2024– take your ideas to the next level

Finally, registration for the Flemingsberg Science Award STARTUP 2024 is open. Do you have an exciting business idea that deserves expert testing? Are you ready to take it to the next level? Then this competition is perfect for you. Participate and compete for a prize of 10,000 SEK and three months of membership at Innovation Station – a coworking space, innovation hub, and meeting place in the heart of Campus Flemingsberg. 

“The competition is an opportunity for our students, employees, and residents of Flemingsberg to showcase their innovative ideas. Through our collaboration with Venture Cup, we aim to support and promote entrepreneurship and contribute to the development of our local ecosystem for innovation and growth in Flemingsberg,” says Johnny Högberg, CEO of Flemingsberg Science.

Flemingsberg Science AwardSTARTUP is a sub-competition of the national business plan competition Venture Cup and is aimed at students, employees, and residents of Flemingsberg. By participating in the competition, you get the chance to test your business idea with experienced industry experts. The goal of the competition is to attract innovators from Flemingsberg and help them take the step towards realizing their visions while shaping the future of companies.

Important dates:

March 11th – Last day for guaranteed feedback

March 20th – Deadline

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Summer Greetings from Johnny Högberg

What's happening in Flemingsberg? Launching a value proposition for Flemingsberg together with other stakeholders and starting to use a shared narrative is probably the single most important achievement for us at the foundation this spring. 

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