Welcome to a new year with the Flemingsberg Science Foundation

It is with great pleasure that we embark on 2024 with a continued work according to the strategic goals that apply for 2022 – 2025, namely to become the obvious establishment alternative in southern Stockholm, to offer a world-class innovation environment and enable test beds for urban societal challenges.

Based on the results of our operations in 2022 and 2023, we are now entering a new phase where we focus more on the market and marketing of Flemingsberg. We can now offer coworking spaces, a Novum in development, ready-to-build land, and a growing city. Additionally, the initiative ATMP Flemingsberg is being launched, along with a broad-based value proposition. With all these factors in place, it is natural for us to take the next step in promoting Flemingsberg.

For the Flemingsberg Science Foundation, the focus is on “work”. This year is about implementing business development initiatives in research infrastructures, through the investment in the establishment office and with the help of associated partners, solving establishment-inhibiting knots and creating a platform for communication of ATMP Flemingsberg, the leading ATMP hub in the Nordic region! It is also about filling the Innovation Station with the right actors and content that creates tomorrow’s stars in the cultural and creative industries, which will also be an important building block in an emerging, attractive city.

We look forward to continuing our journey together with you and hope that you will follow us during 2024.

Johnny Högberg
CEO, Flemingsberg Science Foundation

Summer Greetings from Johnny Högberg

What's happening in Flemingsberg? Launching a value proposition for Flemingsberg together with other stakeholders and starting to use a shared narrative is probably the single most important achievement for us at the foundation this spring. 

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