Station X returns with a focus on game development

The successful concept Station X is back with its second event, this time with the theme of Games – Design and Development. Around 70 game enthusiasts gathered, including researchers, companies, and students.

“How can we get companies, students, and researchers to meet?” This is the question Johan Bornebusch asked himself last year, and now Innovation Station and Södertörn University have held their second networking event. The purpose of the event was to create a space for students to take their first steps into the workforce and for companies to showcase themselves and collaborate with teachers and researchers in the Game Program and the Master’s program in User Experience and Interactive Media Design at Södertörn University.

“It’s so great that we could follow up our first networking event, Station X – theme UX, with an equally packed Innovation Station with the theme of Games – Design and Development. Next time we will have to set a limit on the number of participants. It’s a pleasant problem to have.”

“I am so genuinely happy about all the spontaneous conversations taking place between students and companies, between researchers and companies, between the actors in Flemingsberg, students, and companies. And we look forward to Station X – Art and Culture, and Station X – Urban Development, this fall.” – Johan Bornebusch.

Read more about Station X here

Flemingsberg is Not Just a Stop Along the Way, but a Destination on the Rise

Flemingsberg is an area in constant development and transformation. To highlight the exciting progress being made and the opportunities that lie ahead, the Flemingsberg Science Foundation invited members of the Flemingsberg Business Community to an inspiring summer breakfast with the theme "What's Happening in Flemingsberg."

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