Flemingsberg is Not Just a Stop Along the Way, but a Destination on the Rise

Flemingsberg is an area in constant development and transformation. To highlight the exciting progress being made and the opportunities that lie ahead, the Flemingsberg Science Foundation invited members of the Flemingsberg Business Community to an inspiring summer breakfast with the theme “What’s Happening in Flemingsberg.”

During the breakfast, Pernilla Boström, COO of the foundation, spoke about the value proposition for Flemingsberg, the new establishment office, and provided an update on the current happenings in the area. The purpose of the breakfast was to bring together the Business Community, companies, the municipality, property owners, academia, and the region to give all stakeholders a chance to feel connected to the place and share in the ongoing development.

It feels as though, no matter what problem or societal challenge you can think of, there is someone in Flemingsberg working on a solution. Someone thinking innovatively, seeking new paths, new collaborations, new opportunities. Here, we make everything possible.

Summer Greetings from Johnny Högberg

What's happening in Flemingsberg? Launching a value proposition for Flemingsberg together with other stakeholders and starting to use a shared narrative is probably the single most important achievement for us at the foundation this spring. 

About the Future of Health Data with Sebastiaan Meijer

Today, there are high hopes that health data can be used to deliver better care, prevent diseases, and promote health. The solution lies in better utilizing the knowledge we already have from people's data. Sebastiaan Meijer, Professor of Healthcare Logistics at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), explains this further.

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