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We support Flemingsberg’s development

Flemingsberg Science is a neutral actor in the regional development of southern Stockholm tasked with supporting and being at the forefront of the advancement of knowledge- intensive activity in Flemingsberg.

The foundation was formed in 2011 with the aim of promoting collaboration between academia, business and society in Flemingsberg. The foundation is a joint initiative between Region Stockholm, Huddinge municipality, Botkyrka municipality, Karolinska Institutet, the Royal Institute of Technology, Södertörn University and the Red Cross University College.


Johnny Högberg
CEO, Flemingsberg Science
+46 70 550 12 73


Pernilla Boström
COO, Flemingsberg Science
+46 703 35 25 77

Ten excellent reasons to contact us:

  • Transform your research into societal benefit

    You conduct research that you believe others can benefit from. We work for active co-operation between business, the public sector and academia, for the benefit of all.

  • Broaden your network

    You want to expand your network with contacts in business, academia and the public sector.

  • Take advantage of core facilities

    You need access to advanced equipment, services and skill sets.

  • Collaborate with academia

    You want to collaborate with Campus Flemingsberg’s world-class researchers, innovative companies and driven students.

  • Rent a place at a research hotel

    You need labs, cell growing facilities and/or offices.

  • Participate in projects

    You are an entrepreneur, innovator or business developer and want to participate in different types of projects together with Campus Flemingsberg.

  • Locate in a development-friendly environment

    You want to locate in Flemingsberg, one of the Stockholm region’s most exciting areas and part of the strongest growing city districts of southern Stockholm.

  • Take your idea to market

    You want to create value through your ideas, develop a business concept or a new company.

  • Work in a creative environment

    You need office space in a creative development environment.

  • Get access to a neutral meeting place

    You need a neutral, comfortable venue for meetings, breakfast seminars or smaller events. You’d be welcome to book our “living room”.


Welcome to Flemingsberg – where your future begins. Here you’ll grow with some of the world’s leading researchers, one of Europe’s largest university hospitals and innovative companies with access to global markets.

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Want to know more?
Subscribe to our newsletter.