We are increasing the pace of establishment and the ability to innovate in Flemingsberg

The Flemingsberg Science Foundation is a neutral player in the regional development of southern Stockholm with the task of promoting and leading the way in the development of knowledge-intensive activities in Flemingsberg. Our goal is to develop Flemingsberg to 2050 be one of Sweden’s most important centers for education, research and creativity.

Strategic focus for Flemingsberg Science 2022–2025. The Board has formulated three strategic goals for the period.

  • Flemingsberg will be the first choice for establishments in southern Stockholm
  • Flemingsberg will offer an internationally competitive innovation environment
  • Flemingsberg will be developed into a test bed for urban societal challenges

Johnny Högberg
CEO, Flemingsberg Science
+46 70 550 12 73

Pernilla Boström
COO, Flemingsberg Science
+46 703 35 25 77

Josefine Bresmar
Communication & Community Manager, Flemingsberg Science

+46 72-218 86 46

  • Relocation

    We create relocation and site development through a coordinated pool of players. We are working to increase the number of establishments in Stockholm. If you are looking for premises, we will help you find the right one, we have close contact with various property owners, Botkyrka and Huddinge municipality, universities and colleges and the Stockholm Region.

    Depending on your needs, we will help you find the right one. We act without profit motive and are thus a neutral party that only exists to support you. We have close contacts with universities, property owners, Invest Stockholm, the Stockholm Region and other organizations in the region. This means that we can either help you directly or we know who can. We coordinate actors, build communities, place marketers, develop sites and package offers.

  • Flemingsberg Business Community

    We lead the Flemingsberg Business Community, which is for everyone who works or runs a business on campus or in Flemingsberg. Within the community, we share experiences, find synergies and stay up to date on each other and on developments on and around campus.

  • Innovation environment

    We are an engine in the development of the innovation ecosystem and cluster construction. We coordinate and develop the innovation support system. We are expanding the Life Science cluster. Members of SISP.

  • Flemingsberg Innovation Community

    We lead the Flemingsberg Innovation Community, within the community we want to create a meeting place for people, ideas, knowledge and creativity. Here we gather the organizations that are in Flemingsberg and the surrounding area and that can give you different types of support and help. Organizations that can help you with patent issues, business ideas, financing, development, upscaling, collaboration with academia, society and business, co-working and networking.

  • Flemingsberg Science Award

    Flemingsberg Science works for the development of the knowledge-based ecosystem in Flemingsberg, where an important component is more and growing companies. To draw attention to and stimulate competitors from Flemingsberg, Flemingsberg Science has chosen to create a business plan competition in collaboration with the Venture Cup: the Flemingsberg Science Award. By collaborating with Venture Cup, we believe that we can get many students, workers and residents in Flemingsberg to take the step and develop their business concept – which may change the world. Read more

  • Test beds

    We test new and break patterns by developing test beds for urban societal challenges.