Campus development

Flemingsberg Science works closely with Region Stockholm, universities, student unions, municipalities, business and property stakeholders for the development of an attractive campus environment in Flemingsberg.

From development programme to shared vision
Flemingsberg has been identified as a key district in the regional development plan for Stockholm, RUFS 2050. This involves investment in sustainable, urban settings where businesses choose to locate, and environments characterized by multi-purpose buildings, a variety of housing types and bold architectural styles. Flemingsberg is also being developed in ways that capitalize on its excellent public transport access.
The development programme for Flemingsberg incorporates the following goals for Campus Flemingsberg:


A thriving and multi-disciplinary campus with a rich diversity of teaching and world-class research. Flemingsberg is known for its university area, a campus with a multi-disciplinary higher education offering and as a research hub. Here you’ll find a cohesive university area offering a highly desirable environment for students, researchers and tutors. A unique collaboration between different academic institutions exists in Campus Flemingsberg. It is a campus that encourages diversity as a driver for activity and quality. A university district that tackles societal challenges of the future by applying new inter-disciplinary innovations and world-leading research.
Measurable interim targets 2030:
  • 15,000 more students attending existing and new universities
  • Double the number of research centres that collaborate with the various academic institutions

Measuring Flemingsberg’s development as a university district in terms of its unique inter-disciplinary collaboration.


Johnny Högberg
CEO, Flemingsberg Science
+46 70 550 12 73

Pernilla Boström
COO, Flemingsberg Science
+46 703 35 25 77

Together we’re creating the society of tomorrow

Our vision includes the following overarching goals:
  • Campus Flemingsberg shall be a place where people and knowledge can grow and develop. Where diversity and knowledge meet, which in turn creates opportunities for creative and successful collaborations.
  • The atmosphere at Campus Flemingsberg should stimulate knowledge exchange between different academic institutions, businesses and society. The key to addressing the challenges of the future is to tackle them through collaboration, to solve them together.
  •  The entire campus is therefore built to encourage collaboration and sustainable thinking. This includes good transport links, the efficient use of resources, attractive meeting places and high-quality architecture.
  • A living campus, where people work, live, spend time and develop. Open 365 days a year, 24/7 and winner of “Sweden’s Best Student City”.
  • An attractive Campus for knowledge-intensive and creative activity that will grow and evolve in close collaboration with the universities and the hospital.
  • We will create a campus where together we contribute to solving society’s greatest challenges. Where diversity and knowledge meet to drive creative and successful collaboration.

We will create a campus where together we contribute to solving society’s greatest challenges. Where diversity and knowledge meet to drive creative and successful collaboration.

Collaboration in a number of focus areas

Work to develop Campus Flemingsberg requires collaboration within a number of different focus areas, from joint communication to shared development of physical environments. Work on our vision helped identify seven focus areas. Focus groups have been set up within these respective areas, with key people representing the universities, Karolinska University Hospital, municipalities, property owners, Region Stockholm and of course, students. These groups are driven, ambitious and hard-working.

The following focus groups seek to support the mutual development of Campus Flemingsberg: Campus Development, Innovation and Business, Areas of Strength, Physical Structures, Facilities, Campus Life and Communication and Awareness.

Campus Development

– Campus Flemingsberg shall be a place where people and knowledge can
grow and develop. Where a diversity and knowledge meet.
  • responsibility for this shared vision and its development
  • inclusion of campus in the surrounding community and vice versa
  • think tank for overarching campus issues that cannot be taken on by another
  • focus group
  • general collaboration between foundation courses and research
The breadth of knowledge at Campus Flemingsberg generates a diversity of creative collaboration. Collaboration and knowledge exchange is stimulated through where academic institutions meet business and society.
Representatives: SH – Vice Chancellor’s Co-operation Advisor, Communication Director , KI – Head of Laboratory Medicine, SMI – Vice Chancellor, RKH – Deputy Vice Chancellor, KTH – R&D Co-ordinator, Widerströmska College – Headteacher, Idun Lovén – Vice Chancellor, Huddinge Municipality – Business Developer, Botkyrka Municipality – Development Leader Community Planning, Karolinska University Hospital – Chief of Medicine, Karolinska Huddinge, FFS – Chairman, SöderS – Chairman

Areas of Strength

– Together we tackle society’s greatest challenges
  •  responsible for keeping track of knowledge areas
  • evaluate opportunities to create unique value based on different knowledge combinations
  •  initiate meetings between knowledge areas and demand
  • launch projects that address society’s challenges
The challenges facing society are tackled with an open and inclusive approach as well as local involvement, which has resulted to increased recruitment of students, researchers, teachers and staff and internationally recognized projects.
Representatives: Karolinska University Hospital – Director of Innovations and Development, KTH – Vice Dean (professor), KI – Head of Laboratory Medicine (professor), SH – Vice Principal (Docent), Departmental Manager for Business Development and Government Support, Widerströmska College – Headteacher, RKH – Dean of Teaching 

Innovation and Business

– An attractive Campus for knowledge-intensive and creative activity
  • responsible for collaboration and joint initiatives for greater entrepreneurial awareness and development of new ideas and business
  • attract more businesses to the campus area and Flemingsberg in general
  • support collaboration initiatives for existing support organizations on campus, for example Drivhuset, Nyföretagarcentrum, universities’ innovation bodies, SLL Innovation, the Innovation Center etc.
Representatives: KI – CEO KI Innovations, SH – Asst. Head of Business Development and Government Support, Manager SH Innovation and External Relations, KTH – Director of Innovation, RKH – Head of Department, Huddinge Municipality – Business Developer, Botkyrka Municipality – Business Director, Region Sthlm – Director of Innovation Region Sthlm, Director of Innovation Karolinska University Hospital, Drivhuset Stockholm – CEO, NyföretagarCentrum Botkyrka, Huddinge – Operations Manager


– Sustainable use of meeting places where people and knowledge can develop
  • sustainable use of premises
  • a joint booking system for campus venues
  • common signage on campus
  •  shared library – review launched
Ensure that participating bodies’ combined resources are used effectively to support productive collaboration, a greater number of meeting places and the efficient use of resources.
Representatives: SH – Property and IT Director, KTH – Head of Infrastructure, SMI – Property Manager, RKH – Superintendent, KI – Property Planner, Hemsö – Property Manager, Akademiska Hus –  Property Manager 

Physical Structures

– An attractive, green and sustainable campus in Flemingsberg’s university district
  • common campus development plan (physical planning)
  • the external campus environment
  • Flemingsberg as a whole (an integral part of Stockholm)
  • link campus with the initiative Fabege and Huddinge municipality are undertaking in Flemingsbergsdalen
Campus is an integral, transparent part of Flemingsberg. It has a defined structure; it is easy to find, and its future growth is guaranteed. Campus supports collaboration hand-in-hand with sustainable behaviours. Campus is available. It is characterized by great transport links, proximity, attractive meeting places and high-quality architecture.
Representatives: Hemsö – Project Developer, Akademiska Hus – Strategic Property Developer, Stiftelsen Clara – CEO, Locum – Property Strategist, ByggVesta – Project Leader, asst. Project Leader, Skanska – Business Developer, Fabege – Business Developer, Huge – District Director, KI – Property Director, SH – Property & IT Director, Huddinge Municipality – Area Strategist Flemingsberg, Area Planner Planning Section, Botkyrka Municipality –Development Director Community Planning, Region Stockholm – Programme Director Nya Karolinska Huddinge

Campus Life

– a living campus, where people work, live and spend time
  • student unions organize existing activities and make them available for all students on campus – irrespective of which university or college they attend
  • organize a mulled wine event to mark St. Lucia
  • Campus Day
  • long-term guarantee of student unions’ participation
  • shared outdoor exercise facilities
Campus Flemingsberg is a vibrant, multi-disciplinary international campus, open 365 days a year, 24/7, and winner of “Sweden’s Best University City”.
Representatives: Student unions SöderS, FFS, SMI, RKH, KTH MIT, KTH Engineers Section in Flemingsberg, OF, MF, ByggVesta – student representatives

Communication and Awareness

– building awareness of Campus Flemingsberg
  • • development of a common campus website,
  • • a joint campus day to welcome new students
  • • Open Day – a joint initiative for all campus universities and its high school
  • • Identify events at respective universities that can be made accessible for all at Campus Flemingsberg.
Campus Flemingsberg has a strong, common brand, consistent communication and influential brand ambassadors.
Representatives: KI – Communication Director, KTH – Communication Director, SH – Communication Director, SMI – Head of Communication, RKH – HR Director, Huddinge Municipality – Marketing Director 

Other networks

In addition to the above focus groups, the following networks are also active on Campus Flemingsberg:
Communicators’ Network for communication professionals working on campus
Contact person: Marie Franzén, KI
Security Network for those responsible for security at the universities and hospital.
Contact person: Heléne Kindström, RKH

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