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Innovative culture

In Flemingsberg, inspiring meeting places are developed with people at the center. Here you will meet people from widely different cultures and a strongly growing creative cluster.

At Campus Flemingsberg, we take advantage of differences, and through collaborations, innovations and world-leading research, we create opportunities to solve the great societal challenges of the future.

At Campus Flemingsberg, a cultural cluster is developing with interdisciplinary collaborations, today there are several activities with art and culture in focus on site. In parallel with the development on campus, Flemingsberg is also being developed into a center for creative industries, as Dramaten and the Royal Opera, among others, are moving their studios and decor workshops to Flemingsberg. The vision for Flemingsberg wants to create a vibrant district with a mix of, among other things, culture, higher education and business. Here are opportunities to reach a new audience and arouse interest in Swedish performing arts.


Pernilla Boström
Flemingsberg Science
+46 703 35 25 77

Ongoing schemes

University College of Music Education in Stockholm, SMI

SMI offers a commissioned education in Nursing and Treatment with Artistic Tools 7,5 hp,

The course has been developed by SMI in collaboration with Kulturcentrum för vård och hälsa in the Stockholm Region and in consultation with several experienced artists active in health and care. The course is aimed at people who work in elderly care and / or care aimed at the elderly, with the aim of facilitating a person-centered approach.

A new concept around “Artistic tools for care” is under development.

Artists in Residence (AiR):
SMI collaborates with prominent freelance musicians and ensembles, by encouraging and supporting performances in SMI’s premises such as Artists in Residence (AiR). As an Artist in Residence, you have the opportunity to arrange concerts in SMI’s premises. The counterpart is that the concert should also involve some organization SMI collaborates with e.g. other higher education institutions on the Flemingsberg campus, cultural schools and municipalities in the region, etc.
SMI’s AiR is currently:
KammarensembleN: A collection of Sweden’s foremost western art musicians who play contemporary music, preferably with composers who are still actively producing. Their purpose is to explore, perform and spread the music of our time.
Elaria Orchestra is a big band founded by Erika Hammarberg and Lina Lövstrand. The goal of the orchestra is to be equal between men and women in the ensemble. The orchestra attracts many younger players and in addition creates many exciting new compositions and arrangements for big bands.


Ian Plaude, Headmaster

Idun Lovén School of Art

The Idun Lovén art school is owned and run by artists. All teachers are active performers. The teaching is characterized by a pedagogy based on the teachers’ own concrete artistic knowledge and experiences, which guarantees a close and continuous contact with contemporary art development.

Gallery Hallen
In the school’s own gallery, exhibitions of the students in year two take place throughout the school year in parallel with regular teaching. The gallery is located in Södertörn University’s main building Moa’s arch MA floor 3 and can be visited when the university is open. The school is also interested in external collaborations and exhibitions, please contact principal Kico Wigren for further information,

The school also has a discussion with Huddinge municipality about the possibility of opening up for “try out” activities during the students’ semester breaks as both premises and teachers can be available.


Kico Wigren, Headmaster

Stockholm Region – Competence Center for Culture and Health

The competence center for culture and health works to ensure that health care can take part in the potential of culture so that art and culture are eventually integrated into the county’s care and nursing activities.

Test activities are studied and confirmed by follow-up research so that good results can be integrated into the care processes. An example is digital stories originating in the need of parents with children in neonatal intensive care to be able to express themselves about the special time there. The concept has been developed and there are now instructional videos on how to produce digital stories in general, where the Stockholm Region has participated as a sounding board and where Karolinska Huddinge has also participated. Another example is art walks, where conversations about works of art can be part of a care effort. A variant of this has been developed based on an existing work of art in, for example, a ward to help patients look up and be activated.


Södertörns University, SH

Södertörn University is developing an artistic residence based on a partnership with Huddinge municipality and located at Svarta Lådan at the university. Inspiration is found from other parts of the world, such as Kings College in London and the Max Delbruck Center in Berlin, where current societal challenges and sciences are expressed through various works of art and stage installations. Read more


Swedish Red Cross University College

Må bra med kultur is a project within the academic primary care center that focuses on mental illness among asylum seekers and newcomers aged 15 to 20 years. It is carried out in three stages, the first of which, a pilot project, has been carried out with the participation of, among others, Botkyrka municipality. It will now be followed by pilot activities in 2021 and then evaluated. The idea is that medical staff should be able to prescribe culture on prescription (without replacing other care). A method bank has been developed and training materials are also being planned.

Joacim Larsen, senior lecturer in nursing at the Swedish Red Cross University College, is leading the initiative as project manager at the Academic Primary Care Center.Akademiskt primärvårdscentrum.

– Cultural experiences can provide new perspectives and contribute to a deeper content of life and a sense of context and thus function as an important fitness factor, says Joacim Larsen, but also adds that more research is needed on this.

Read more


Joacim Larsen

Huddinge and Botkyrka municipalities

Culture has an important role in the development of Flemingsberg, which is governed by the joint development program “Flemingsberg – Where knowledge and creativity meet in southern Stockholm” and its vision 2050 as well as the goals and activities linked to the vision. The ambition to use culture as a driving force permeates the program. It is both about making existing culture visible and cross-fertilizing culture with other areas. A current example is the artist’s residence that is being developed in collaboration with Södertörns University, another is the collaboration with the Stockholm Region on deposits of cultural pilots for selected projects.

According to a consulting study, at least 500 new jobs can be created by the year 2050 in art and culture in Flemingsberg. Huddinge Municipality is developing a strategy for the development in Flemingsbergsdalen with, among other things, culture as a driving force.


Huddinge Municipality
Karolina Krön

Botkyrka Municipality
Mariam Yousif Baythoon

Subtopia – KLUMP

Klump is a cultural incubator in Botkyrka and a workplace for innovation and ideas. Here, entrepreneurs work to develop their visions for sustainable companies and activities in cultural, social and creative industries. Klump offers creative coaching, an affirmative environment, a flexible office and everything that comes with being part of the Subtopia cluster.


Vision of Flemingsberg in 2050

”In 2050, Flemingsberg will be one of Sweden’s most important centers for education, research and creativity. It is an inspiring meeting place where innovations are created and collaboration drives sustainable societal development. Flemingsberg is an obvious place of establishment for knowledge-intensive business and has a sought-after living environment. Flemingsberg is a place where knowledge and creativity meet in southern Stockholm.”

”To encourage creativity, it is important that the city center signals that it is permissive and flexible. Artistic decoration in both private and public environments can be examples of how culture can create identity and promote creativity in Flemingsberg. Where pilot projects are encouraged in order to allow new ideas or innovative solutions to lead to sustainable urban development. A city where temporary events are welcomed to attract new visitors to the place. A place where there is the opportunity for local initiatives and involvement in the urban environment.”

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