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Meet some of the stars who have helped make Campus Flemingsberg what it is today

On this page you can read more in-depth articles about some of our heroes in Flemingsberg: a selection of people who in their own specific ways have contributed to the development of today’s Campus Flemingsberg – a multi-disciplinary academic environment offering world-class research.

Matti Sällberg: “Vital to contribute facts to the debate”

During the course of the pandemic, he has appeared on an almost daily basis in the morning papers or on the TV news. Matti Sällberg fast became an expert the media called for help explaining everything from vaccine development to the spread of infection.

Karin Mellström: “Co-operation is the key to success”

After 10 years as a start-up, CellProtect Nordic Pharmaceuticals has taken a major step forward. Our patient and careful work is now bearing fruit, explains Karin Mellström, CEO and founder. Looking back on her career, she sums it up by saying: “I’d never been bored for a second!”

Evren Alici set to make cancer a liveable illness

A recent study could pave the way to treating a type of bone marrow cancer. The aim is to transform the cancer from being incurable to a disease that it is possible to live with. The research behind the study was conducted in Evren Alici’s group at Campus Flemingsberg.

Curiosity took him from the lab to the stock market

Mathias Svahn is a CEO who still collects the mail and makes the coffee, even as he ranks among the highflyers leading the development of drugs of the future. Curiosity has taken him from the lab to the helm of a listed company. And it all started with a pregnancy.

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