The Flemingsberg Science Foundation works to make Flemingsberg one of Sweden’s most important centers for education, research and creativity by 2050. We promote and take the lead in the development of knowledge-intensive activities in Flemingsberg. We do this together with academia, business and society.

Innovation Station Strengthens Global Network for Design Thinking

May 10th, 2024|

Innovation Station in Flemingsberg has recently become a proud member of the Global Design Thinking Alliance (GDTA), an association that promotes excellence in Design Thinking worldwide. Through this partnership, Innovation Station and Södertörn University not only aim to elevate their own competence and positioning but also to actively contribute to increased global dialogue and collaboration. Additionally, they wish to share their expertise and experience to support and promote urban development in Flemingsberg.

Strong Collaboration and Increased Attraction: Tanya Schulte Shares Insights on Campus Flemingsberg’s Open House 2024

May 10th, 2024|

Earlier this year, Campus Flemingsberg hosted its annual Open House, a day aimed at attracting more applicants to Sweden's largest multi-university campus and spreading awareness of the wide range of programs offered in the area. Tanya Schulte, a communicator at Södertörn University, reflects on the successful day.

Flemingsberg is growing as a hub for creativity and innovation

May 10th, 2024|

In Flemingsberg, breadth is our edge. It is a place of creativity, with the Opera and Dramaten soon to move in, while we continue to be at the forefront of cell and gene therapy. To convey this, we have recently launched a value proposition for Flemingsberg together with key stakeholders to identify and package the soul, heart and DNA of Flemingsberg.

From Milan to Flemingsberg: A CEO’s Insights on Innovation and Urban Development

May 10th, 2024|

Earlier this year, our CEO Johnny Högberg visited Milan together with the Mälardal Council, where they witnessed examples of how the city and region have worked with successful innovation areas such as the Milano Innovation District (MIND) and other industrial clusters. Subsequently, on April 26th, the Mälardal Council's triple helix network, the Greater Stockholm Network, held its networking meeting at Innovation Station Flemingsberg. It was an opportunity to discuss the lessons learned from the trip to Milan and the network's ongoing work to strengthen the Stockholm-Mälaren region. Johnny Högberg shares his insights.

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*Ljummen svartris-sallad med svenskt ekologiskt ärtprotein 
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