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The Flemingsberg Science Foundation promotes cooperation between academia, business and the wider community in Flemingsberg. The Foundation comprises Stockholm County Council, Huddinge Council, Botkyrka Council, Karolinska Institutet, the KTH Royal Institute of Technology,  Södertörn University and Swedish Red Cross University College.

A strategic direction for the Flemingsberg Science foundation

The foundation’s overall strategy is to identify value-generating opportunities for co-operation in the intersection between academia, business and society, and have an active presence in these areas for their development. The foundation’s guiding principles in this initiative are co-operation, value creation, information and neutrality.

What the foundation wants to achieve to 2018

  • An attractive campus environment characterized by strong interaction, a distinctive identity, and an international profile.
  • Established interaction between academia, business and society in at least two of our key focus areas.
  • At least three companies, or other knowledge-based organizations, with at least 10 employees, and one of which with more than 50 employees, base themselves in Flemingsberg.
  • Co-ordinated national and international marketing of knowledge environments in Flemingsberg, with particular focus on the campus area.

The Foundation’s CEO is Björn Varnestig.


We would like to acknowledge our funders and partners for their encouragement and support they have provided to us. Their help enables us to achieve our goals and are the driving force behind our success.


The network also includes entrepreneurs, other business incubators, angel investors, medtech companies and organizations, as well as government agencies and local authorities.


Flemingsberg Science Foundation Board is represented by a number of eminent people from Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Södertörn University, Swedish Red Cross University College, Stockholm Community Council, Huddinge Council and Botkyrka Council. The current members of the Foundation Board are detailed below.

Irene Svenonius, Chairman of the Board,
County Council Finance Commissioner, Stockholm Community Council

Ebba Östlin, Board Member
Chair of the Executive Committee, Botkyrka Council

Gustav Fridlund, styrelsemedlem
Manager of commerce and industry, Botkyrka kommun

Daniel Dronjak, Board Member
Chair of the Executive Committee, Huddinge Council

Karin Dahlman-Wright, Board Member
Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Professor, Karolinska Institutet

Matti Sällberg, Board Member
Professor, Karolinska Institutet

Mikael Östling, Board Member
Deputy President, Professor, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Sebastiaan Meijer, Board Member
Professor, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Eva von Strauss, Board Member
Professor, Swedish Red Cross University College

Jan Andersson, Board Member
Stockholm Community Council

Annika Tibell, Board Member
Stockholm Community Council

Gustav Amberg, Board Member,
Chancellor, Södertörn University

Cheick Wagué, Board Member
Vice-Chancellor´s Adviser, Professor, Södertörn University