All go at Flemingsberg!

//All go at Flemingsberg!

All go at Flemingsberg!

There’s always a lot happening in Flemingsberg, and 2018 was certainly no exception. This was the year when Campus Flemingsberg emerged as an entity in its own right, and manifested itself through a raft of different events. Particularly enjoyable was the hosting of Campus Day on the 5th of September, when the sun shone and principals from all Flemingsberg colleges welcomed students to the accompaniment of music from the University College of Music Education in Stockholm.

Campus Flemingsberg is now set to develop further with the help of a number of groupings that will focus on everything from its physical characteristics to what will make the campus a hub of activity 24/7. Flemingsberg Science is responsible for the overall management of the project, but the work involves some 50 enthusiasts from universities, business and civil society.

An example of how popular Flemingsberg has become came in late autumn when Fabege, along with Huddinge municipality and other partners, announced the development of one of Stockholm’s largest business districts close to Flemingsberg district train station. The project, named Stockholm South Business District, will bring with it a boost of several thousand workplaces and is a key step towards the establishment of a university and business hub in Flemingsberg.

So what’s happening in 2019?

We will continue to work on a shared vision for all in Flemingsberg, so that not only will we have a number of nice buildings and neighbourhoods, but also ensure that everything is coherent in an attractive whole, both in terms of physical form and content. I also hope that more companies will open their eyes to Flemingsberg and relocate here. Then we can create a place with a brain, a heart and muscles that can make a real contribution to solving the challenges facing society!

Björn Varnestig, CEO Flemingsberg Science

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