Challenging cancer with cell therapy

Cutting edge research in cell therapy can prevent relapse in the previously incurable cancer Multiple Myeloma. Behind the company Cellprotect are 15 researchers who are developing treatments in entirely new ways.

“As soon as we get approval from Sweden’s Medical Product Agency, we’ll be underway. The goal for our first step is to evaluate safety […]

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Identifying hidden nerve damage in time

Approximately 60 per cent of nerve damage in Diabetes patients is never diagnosed. LARA Diagnostics has a technique for helping this group, developed with help from Flemingsberg Science.

Someone who suffers from nerve damage caused by Diabetes can walk around with a stone in his or her shoe without feeling it. The stone creates a […]

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Clicknote creates time in healthcare processes

An innovative addition to Karolinska University Hospital’s journal system saves not only time for doctors, but also reduces misunderstandings between nurses and doctors. Flemingsberg Science developed the business potential of this project.

Every year, some 380,000 X-ray referrals are made to Karolinska University Hospital. Around half of these are reviewed and planed by radiologists. A monotonous […]

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Contemporary laboratories need improved training

Today’s lab training courses aren’t fit for purpose, so says Camilla Linder. Simply reading manuals about high-tech instruments isn’t enough. Healthcare professionals also need to know how to solve everyday problems.

Furthermore, training options need to be more flexible to fit into daily routines characterised by variable workloads with extreme bottlenecks.

“Sending staff on three-day courses doesn’t […]

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Safer births with innovative measuring

Vacuum extractors have essentially remained unchanged since the 1960s. Now, however, there is an innovation that promises to make childbirth safer.

In Sweden, nine per cent of all births are completed with the help of vacuum extractors. That amounts to almost 10,000 babies per year being born with the help of vacuum extractors.

“It’s important that […]

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Improved traceability can reduce incidences of hospital superbugs

Better documentation of catheter use can drastically reduce today’s healthcare-related infections. An idea from healthcare workers at the urological clinic is now being further developed together with Flemingsberg Science.

Care related infections, widely referred to as hospital superbugs, create some 750,000 extra care days at a cost of around SEK 6.5 million per year. A large […]

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Simulating the most challenging treatments

A simulation model of the cardiovascular system that increases understanding and predicts treatment results for seriously ill heart and lung patients. The concept is the brainchild of a consultant at Karolinska University Hospital, Michael Broomé, who has also developed a teaching tool based on the model.

The Ecmo Centre at Karolinska University Hospital admits patients for […]

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Improved control of children’s drugs

Around 400,000 drug doses are given to children at Stockholm hospitals every year. In half of these cases, there is no documentation of side effects or doses. The ePed database has been developed to fill this lack of information.

When drugs are prescribed to adult patients, the Fass product catalogue is used to select the drug […]

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