Curiosity took him from the lab to the stock market

Mathias Svahn is a CEO who still collects the mail and makes the coffee, even as he ranks among the highflyers leading the development of drugs of the future. Curiosity has taken him from the lab to the helm of a listed company. And it all started with a pregnancy.

Mathias is something of an unusual […]

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Evren Alici set to make cancer a liveable illness

A recent study could pave the way to treating a type of bone marrow cancer. The aim is to transform the cancer from being incurable to a disease that it is possible to live with. The research behind the study was conducted in Evren Alici’s group at Campus Flemingsberg.

“Welcome; would you like a coffee? Follow […]

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He has built up Sweden’s leading gene and cell therapy lab

Pontus Blomberg has guided the development of Vecura in Flemingsberg for more than 20 years. Here, together with his colleagues, he has built up Sweden’s leading gene and cell therapy lab. An area that is set to lead to remedial treatments for everything from certain cancers to Alzheimer’s.

Gene and cell therapy are also expected to […]

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Chris Heister: “Everyone who has made this journey feels as though they’re fighting the system a bit.”

Even if Chris Heister shifts down a gear when she leaves her role as council leader in Stockholm, she is unlikely be drawing on her pension any time soon. The class journey she has made from growing up in a countryside idyll, north of Stockholm, has given her a momentum that continually drives her forward.

Chris […]

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Cecilia Bergh: “We’ll succeed – it just needs hard work”

After almost 25 years’ concerted struggle to disseminate her successful eating disorder treatment, Cecilia Bergh wants to shift up a gear. Her goal is to digitalise her technique and turn the Mandometer support tool into a consumer product.

The first patient was a severely anorexic 17-year-old girl who came to Karolinska University Hospital’s emergency department in […]

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Vesna ready for the next step in the service of residents

Vesna Jovic is now leaving her role as municipality director for Huddinge – after 28 years at the authority. Her next position is CEO for the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, SKL. As she leaves Huddinge, she can look back on the burgeoning development of Flemingsberg and Huddinge.

Congratulations on your new position – […]

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