Start for a common vision for Campus Flemingsberg

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Start for a common vision for Campus Flemingsberg

A common vision for Campus Flemingsberg is developing. The academies and property owners have started working together to develop the campus.

Campus Flemingsberg is a central and important part of Flemingsberg and consists of five colleges: KI, KTH, The Swedish Red Cross University College, Södertörn University and The Stockholm University College of Music Education, as well as Karolinska University Hospital and several knowledge-intensive companies.

A unique campus where everything is within five minutes walking distance.


Matti Sällberg, KI.

“We needed a common name to rally around and now we have a consistent name for the campus area,” says Matti Sällberg, prefect at KI and involved in the work to decide a new common name for the campus.

Easier for our international visitors
The new campus name is important for KI’s international contacts, says Sällberg.

“It’s important for several reasons that KI has a strong profile at our two campuses in Solna and Flemingsberg. Most people already know that KI is in Stockholm, and now we’re introducing geographical information into both our campus names, which will make things easier for our international visitors.

Södertörn University’s representative for the naming work has been Cheick Wagué, professor of business and vice chancellor of collaboration initiatives at Södertörn University.

“The shared campus name creates the right conditions for a platform from which we can develop and shape the campus of the future. This is a place where KI, KTH, the Swedish Red Cross University College, Södertörn University, and from next year also University College of Music Education in Stockholm, collaborate.


Cheick Wagué, Södertörn University.

Put Campus Flemingsberg on the map
The shared name will simplify internal communication and put Campus Flemingsberg on the map – not only in south Stockholm and nationally, but also internationally, he says.

“We need to combine to have greater impact internationally, and show that we offer better academic opportunities than anywhere else in Sweden. Our diversity of medicine, technology, social sciences, culture and humanities is highly enriching,” says Wagué.

The name issue was raised a number of years ago by the Flemingsberg Science board, explains Björn Varnestig, Flemingsberg Science CEO.

“You might think that arriving at a common name that works is straightforward – but it’s an important process in which everyone needs to be involved. That’s why we held workshops and meetings over a considerable period of time,” he says.

“We’re delighted to have reached agreement on a name that gives us a much greater opportunity to explain everything that happens here – regardless of to whom we’re talking.”

Campus Flemingsberg is key to Stockholm’s development
Several projects are already underway with a view to further developing the campus area, including the planning of a shared student union building for all students in the area.

“We have a number of projects that span a variety of disciplines with different participants. To then be able to refer to a place with a shared campus name is priceless,” says Varnestig.

Together with Huddinge municipality work is currently being conducted to develop a brand and graphic profile for the area, something that can better communicate a common expression of the local physical environment.

Sällberg says that Campus Flemingsberg is key to Stockholm’s development.

“Campus Flemingsberg is the perfect meeting place with five universities and colleges within five minutes’ walk of each other. The area is an excellent resource for Stockholm and for Karolinska Institutet with a unique blend of knowledge.”

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