Clicknote creates time in healthcare processes

//Clicknote creates time in healthcare processes

Clicknote creates time in healthcare processes

An innovative addition to Karolinska University Hospital’s journal system saves not only time for doctors, but also reduces misunderstandings between nurses and doctors. Flemingsberg Science developed the business potential of this project.

Every year, some 380,000 X-ray referrals are made to Karolinska University Hospital. Around half of these are reviewed and planed by radiologists. A monotonous and time-consuming undertaking that can increase the risk of mistakes being made.

“In the worst case scenario, such mistakes can result in a patient having to be re-called for a new examination. This in turn results in extra costs, and of course a major inconvenience for patients, says Joakim Crafoord, radiologist at Ersta Diakoni.

This prompted the idea for Clicknote: an addition to the journal system that combines standard phraseology. These phrases are unique and easy to change as required. The programme also includes reminder functions and help links that improve the efficiency of the process.

Expanded use

Today, the Clicknote programme is used at the tomography department at the Karolinska University Hospital in Solna. SLL Innovation and the medical technology department at Karolinska have supported the platform’s development. Flemingsberg Science is now focusing on developing its full business potential.

“Of course it would be great if more radiology clinics obtained access to the platform, and could enjoy its benefits. Furthermore, the actual technology with the currently available standard phrases has considerable potential. Many other professionals repeat patterns in their work at computers which could be sped up and standardised by the programme,” explains Crafoord. Sheltered housing provider Stureby already uses Clicknote to make journal routines faster and easier.


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