Flemingsberg to build housing for 450 students and researchers

//Flemingsberg to build housing for 450 students and researchers

Flemingsberg to build housing for 450 students and researchers

New housing for around 450 students and researchers, training and research facilities, and a pre-school are all set to come to Flemingsberg. This follows Huddinge municipality’s decision to launch a development plan and sign a letter of intent with Stiftelsen Clara and ByggVesta.

On June 20th, the council board decided to sign a letter of intent with ByggVesta and Stiftelsen Clara for a share of the Grantorp 2:32 property, and with Stiftelsen Clara for the Blicka 3 premises. In parallel to this, it was decided to launch work on a new initiative for the development of the university area.

“The new plan for the university area makes it possible to build new student- and researcher housing, and new facilities for training and research activities. Flemingsberg is a hub for research, training, and work; and I’m delighted that with this decision we can support academic development here,” says Malin Danielsson (Liberal Party), council leader responsible for societal development, Huddinge municipality.

“Stiftelsen Clara welcomes work on a strategy for the area, and looks forward to continued excellent co-operation with Huddinge municipality and ByggVesta. The university area is growing with everything from new training facilities such the National Police Academy to state agencies. Taking a holistic approach supports all stakeholders, and a plan that creates flexibility for the future is to be welcomed,” says Anders Anté, Stiftelsen Clara.

“ByggVesta is proud to be part of the development of Campus Flemingsberg through the building of additional student- and researcher housing adjacent to our existing projects. We’re grateful for the excellent co-operation we have with Stiftelsen Clara and Huddinge municipality that enables this development. This is a major initiative that aligns with our intention to build towns and campuses with a long-term focus,” says Anna Maria Sjölin, project leader, ByggVesta.

The new detailed plan is projected to be ready for adoption by the council in the autumn of 2020. According to a preliminary study, the plan will result in there being some 2,000 housing units in the university area. Consequently, the need for a pre-school for 80-100 children will also be reviewed by the plan. As part of the detailed planning work, a development agreement will be signed between Huddinge municipality, Stiftelsen Clara and ByggVesta. This agreement will be signed when the detail plan is adopted, and governs, among other things, how the detail plan is implemented.

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