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The Flemingsberg Science Foundation works proactively and continuously to identify areas of strength in Flemingsberg, and reviews how the campus area’s various actors can co-operate with each other and with external resources. Every effort is made to meet major societal challenges such as improved quality of life for an ageing population, thereby achieving improved growth for the region.

We take an active role
This work includes the identification and creation of opportunities for regional, national and international co-operation with partners in similar or complementary fields. The Foundation takes a highly active role in promoting the strengths the region offers international stakeholders, and actively participates in building skills hubs, for example in areas such as cell therapy. Campus Flemingsberg is unique in many ways, not least that four educational institutions and a university hospital here are within walking distance of each other. The colleges and hospital offer a variety of areas of expertise that complement and overlap with each other, and provide opportunities for transdisciplinary co-operation between the various research and teaching environments in Flemingsberg.

Selected areas

The following focus areas have been identified as being of particular interest for Flemingsberg:

  • Cell therapy – Flemingsberg has a long history of successful research and clinical development, particularly in cell therapy and regenerative medicine.
  • Diversity and Health – The Swedish Red Cross University College’s move to Campus Flemingsberg has opened up new opportunities for development and co-operation in the diversity and health area. The combined multi-disciplinary competences and cross-area expertise at the Red Cross University College have contributed to issues related to health, vulnerability, marginalization, refugees and migration, as well as norms and social inclusion being included in both research and teaching.
  • Technology for healthy ageing – is another area of strength in Flemingsberg; as it has bearing on a major societal challenge and is based on co-operation and engagement from several academic and clinical entities present on Campus Flemingsberg. Here there is knowledge about, amongst other areas, technology, old age and care environments with co-operation opportunities to create and trial solutions for improved quality of life for ageing populations.