Idun Lovén art college to move to Campus Flemingsberg

//Idun Lovén art college to move to Campus Flemingsberg

Idun Lovén art college to move to Campus Flemingsberg

The latest higher education institution to relocate to Campus Flemingsberg is art college Idun Lovén. In autumn 2019, the college will welcome students to its new premises at Södertörn University.

“The most enjoyable thing about the move is the energy rush you get from being in an environment which is centred on education and buzzing with so many young people,” says vice-chancellor Kico Wigren.

“Now we’re becoming part of a larger whole, one that will give us a better platform from which to work, and that’ll make it easier to build new partnerships.”

Preparatory art school Idun Lovén has occupied a number of different addresses across Stockholm during its soon century-long history. Most recently it was based in Årsta, which had been intended to be a temporary solution, explains Wigren.

“When we heard the thinking about how Campus Flemingsberg was set to develop in the future, with more and a greater variety of institutions, we saw a real opportunity for us.”

Södertörn University will be Idun’s new home, paving the way for new opportunities for co-operation between the two institutions.

“This is fantastic for us: we’re delighted. We offer theory courses in art and aesthetics that will be enriched in a number of ways by Idun Lovén’s practical art courses,” says Hans Andersson, registrar of Södertörn University.

Idun Lovén currently has 48 students who take courses in one of two specialisations: painting and sculpture. Every one of the academy’s teachers are active artists.

“Our stated approach to free art sets us apart from other similar art colleges that tend to be more assignment-based. At Idun Lovén, students learn to discover their own ideas and bring them to fruition. Furthermore, we’re one of the few colleges that offers courses in sculpture,” says Wigren.

The aim of the courses is to develop the students’ own capacity for creation and thought, and to prepare for further study at art colleges or other creative-based training.

“With us, through artistic disciplines students have an opportunity to grow according to a personal plan, and in some cases rediscover confidence that they lost in a school system where raw results are paramount.”

Idun Lovén will be housed on the floor below the students’ union, in F-block, at Södertörn University.

“We’ve held discussions with Södertörn University and in addition to our own premises, we will probably be able to work in more public spaces on campus where our students can show others what they do. This would make it easier to interact with the public than is the case today.”

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