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Project Description

AlzeCure Pharma

What is your business idea, what problem do you want to solve?

“We are a Swedish drug company focusing on the development of new Alzheimer’s treatments. This challenging and deadly disease, which today affects 30 million people all over the world, has now effective treatment,” says AlzeCure Pharma’s CEO and co-founder Johan Sandin.

“The team has extensive experience from small and large drug companies, and has also an established network of key opinion formers, including professor Bengt Winblad, one of the most leading researchers in the field.”

Where are you now?

“We’re currently working with two small molecular platforms: NeuroRestore (ACD855), a symptomatic form of therapy directed at nerve cell function disorders, and Alzstatin (ACD678), a disease modifying form of therapy that targets the formation of amyloid plaque in the brain,” says Sandin.

“We also have a backup-programme with several powerful substances that can also be interesting for other indications, for example depression.”

What are your plans for the future?

“We’ll continue to develop our priority projects, and we plan to initiate clinical studies of NeuroRestore in 2018 and of Alzstatin in 2019. To be able to implement this ambitious and important programme, in the immediate future we’ll be identifying various suitable financing solutions. Listing the company is one possible option,” says Sandin.

Why are you in Flemingsberg?

“Our research and development has been conducted in co-operation with Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital here in Flemingsberg, and the stimulating environment with access to leading research in the area, and the positive climate on Campus Flemingsberg encourages exciting co-operation,” says Sandin.