Challenging cancer with cell therapy

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Challenging cancer with cell therapy

Cutting edge research in cell therapy can prevent relapse in the previously incurable cancer Multiple Myeloma. Behind the company Cellprotect are 15 researchers who are developing treatments in entirely new ways.

“As soon as we get approval from Sweden’s Medical Product Agency, we’ll be underway. The goal for our first step is to evaluate safety and tolerance levels because this is a completely new treatment,” says Karin Mellström, CEO for Cellprotect.

Mellström received support to establish the company from Flemingsberg Science, amongst other things, through the Startup Life science training project where STING also acted as a knowledge resource.

“It’s challenging to develop a business this close to state-provided healthcare. Flemingsberg Science has helped us to find alternative ways of growing, other than those driven by risk capital,” says Mellström.

Developing a new approach to cell therapy
Cellprotect currently has a renowned management team, chaired by Lena Degling Wikingsson, who contributes with her extensive knowledge and substantial network. In addition to developing cancer drugs, the research could lead to important steps being made in cell therapy.

“At the same time, we run process and technical development in cell therapy which can be important for others in the future. But our primary focus is on testing and evaluating the drug on a group of seriously ill patients, because it could result in a possible cure of what is currently an incurable illness,” says Mellström.

Developing the new business in Flemingsberg gives it key advantages, she says.

“In Flemingsberg, we have a unique combination of process development, substance development and clinical testing. This is incredibly valuable for us.”


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