“Together we’re creating the society of tomorrow”

//“Together we’re creating the society of tomorrow”

“Together we’re creating the society of tomorrow”

Fresh steps are currently being taken in the development of Campus Flemingsberg. A common vision was recently launched, one that forms a key basis for continued work in this area. Colleges and universities on campus are also being gathered on Campus Flemingsberg’s shared website: campusflemingsberg.se.

Flemingsberg Science has headed work on developing a vision for Campus Flemingsberg. The project launch was opened by Björn Varnestig, CEO of Flemingsberg Science, with the rhetorical question: can we create a world-class campus in Flemingsberg?

“Naturally, the answer is: yes. We have unique knowledge, a critical mass of skill sets, and unbeatable proximity to academic institutions that are within walking distance of each other. Now, the work on our vision also gives us a direction and the right tools to drive our already excellent co-operation forward,” says Varnestig.

The some 40 guests who attended the launch party in Novum heard the White architecture agency explain work completed to date on the vision. Work that is now set to continue with a raft of more practically-orientated working groups in which the  academic institutions and other actors will be involved.

“Campus Flemingsberg’s common vision is of strategic importance for long-term work in this area. While Karolinska Institutet may not currently need more premises, this may change in the next 20 to 30 years, so we need to have a long-term approach in place,” says Lennart Ilke, property director, Karolinska Institutet.

Attendees included representatives from all five academic institutions based on campus, SLL, and a large number of property owners.

“Today, there are 17,000 people on Campus Flemingsberg who are working on many common issues, not only within research and development, but also in societal development,” says Ian Plaude, vice-chancellor of Stockholm University College of Music Education, SMI, which relocated to campus last year.

“Our students already say how much they appreciate the campus feel of Flemingsberg, and work on the vision is to a large extent about increasing its attractiveness, and to create a positive and co-ordinated impression of the entire area.”

Read more about Campus Flemingsberg at: campusflemingsberg.se.

Five focus areas in the development programme

Campus Flemingsberg is unique in having five colleges and universities within walking distance of each other. The mix of courses, students, and researchers is greater here than elsewhere. This creates a place where it is easy to develop and grow.

Campus Flemingsberg is currently developing according to these five focus areas; if you would like to get involved, just let us know!

  1. A vibrant campus where people live, work, and visit
  2. Sustainable use of meeting places where people and knowledge develop
  3. An attractive, green, and sustainable campus in the university city of Flemingsberg
  4. Campus Flemingsberg top of mind
  5. Together we solve major societal challenges
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