Hela wins Flemingsberg Science Award

Hela is a company that is developing a mobile application that helps people with heart conditions improve their cardiac rehabilitation. The app encourages daily exercise, provides care support, and the ability to monitor progress.

The Flemingsberg Science Award is a sub-competition of Venture Cup, Sweden’s largest entrepreneurship competition. The Flemingsberg Science STARTUP Award is awarded to people behind startups with an established connection to Flemingsberg, either as students, residents or who are in other ways active in the area.

This year’s winner is Hela, which, with experience from Silicon Valley in the US, has developed an app for improving and facilitating cardiac rehabilitation.

“This win is primarily recognition but it also provides valuable visibility because we tend to focus more on product development than on marketing,” says Asmen Gül, Hela founder.

The app should make it possible to keep track of daily training activity and obtain an accurate picture of daily progress with a specially developed programme.

“We increase commitment to cardiac rehabilitation by visualising improvements in patients’ health during the programme. We have different revenue models depending on the market, but we mainly target private cardiac rehabilitation centres and cardiac-specific physiotherapists.”

Now the offering will be scaled up to suit more users. The application also provides the option of individual support from healthcare staff and includes a community where users can support each other.

“The next step is to enter into agreements with regional authorities to scale up the service, and collaborate with medtech companies on diagnostic products. We’ll do this using test pilots who demonstrate increased patient commitment across a number of different parameters,” says Gül.

Learn more about Hela here and see how the app works here.

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