Site development Campus Flemingsberg

Flemingsberg Science works together with the Stockholm Region, Botkyrka Municipality, Huddinge Municipality, companies, universities and real estate stakeholders for the development of an attractive campus environment in Flemingsberg.

Campus Flemingsberg is a vibrant and multidisciplinary campus, which is unique with its mix of higher education, research, knowledge-intensive companies and healthcare. There are cafes and restaurants, meeting places, exercise tracks and an outdoor gym. There are several colleges and universities, an art school, a high school and a university hospital, all within walking distance.

Campus Flemingsberg is an attractive place for knowledge-intensive companies that want to establish themselves close to academies and the university hospital. The area has a well-developed infrastructure for commercialization, development of start-up companies, collaborative projects and establishments. Flemingsberg also has one of Sweden’s largest legal centers, there are also newly built homes, grocery stores such as ICA Maxi and Lidl, hotels, gyms and sports centers. In the coming stages are planned for shopping, restaurants, entertainment, culture and education mixed with offices, housing and parks.

Here, a competitive innovation environment is created with a cohesive urban fabric, a place where knowledge and creativity are brought together with business, housing and visitors to create sustainable growth in an open and inviting living environment.



Johnny Högberg
CEO, Flemingsberg Science
+46 70 550 12 73

Pernilla Boström
COO, Flemingsberg Science
+46 703 35 25 77