Campus Flemingsberg. Photo: Erik Cronberg.

Flemingsberg – where knowledge and creativity meet in southern Stockholm

Flemingsberg is one of the Stockholm region’s most exciting areas. Just south of Stockholm City, with excellent transport links and in delightful natural surroundings, you’ll find Campus Flemingsberg with six universities, a university hospital and a flourishing business cluster. International business and research hub, Stockholm South Business District, is also based here.


The Flemingsberg area has attracted people for 8,000 years. At that time, it was part of Stockholm’s outer archipelago. Archaeologists have found traces of these pioneers in tools made of quartz uncovered at a dig at Södertörn University. Flemingsberg is named after Flemingsberg Gård. The village where Flemingsberg Manor was built in the 1600s was originally known as Annersta, but when it came under the ownership of the Flemings family, through Henrik Flemings marriage to Ebba Erlandsdotter Bååt, the name became Flemingsberg.

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Regional hub takes step towards being an international star

Flemingsberg is developing into an inspirational meeting place based on the needs of the individual. Here you’ll find a flourishing urban environment with around 10,000 new homes. Property companies large and small are developing sites to expand today’s housing stock.

travellers by 2030

We have now taken the first step in transforming Flemingsberg from a regional hub into an international star. A place where an entire university district is forming with Flemingsbergsdalen at its centre, along with international business and research hub Stockholm South Business District.

In Flemingsbergsdalen new homes, shopping, hotels and sports centres are being developed. The first retail outlets opened in 2016. To encourage sustainable travel, an entirely new transport hub is being planned. Future phases of the development will include shopping, restaurants, entertainment, cultural amenities and education combined with offices, homes and parks.

Stockholm SBD is a collaboration between Huddinge municipality and Fabege that forms the foundation for the renewal and development of the Flemingsberg station area and nearby neighbourhoods. Space for 50,000 workers, 50,000 residents and 50,000 visitors is being created here.
Flemingsberg Station currently has some 20,000 travellers per day.

Transport hub – By 2030, new road and tram links are set to make Flemingsberg a key destination for approximately 600,000 travellers a day. In response, Huddinge municipality is planning a new transport hub that offers all necessary services and to strengthen Flemingsberg as a destination with the aim of making it a hub for different modes of transport, including long-distance and commuter trains, buses and trams.

New homes are being built at several sites in the area. Along Hälsovägen, Riksbyggen, Brabo and Huge are involved with construction projects with a variety of themes scheduled for occupancy in 2020-2022. In the Visättra district, Wästbygg, Vestigia and BoKlok are building well planned housing near green spaces. In the campus area, ByggVesta is also building new student and researcher accommodation with the option of “buddy-flats”.


Flemingsberg has been identified as a regional urban centre under Stockholm’s regional development plan, RUFS 2050. The plan includes investment in sustainable and densely populated areas to encourage businesses to locate, and an urban environment characterized by versatile buildings, mixed purpose housing and bold architectural styles. The area will be developed to take advantage of all available public transport.