Flemingsberg set to become home to Alfa Laval’s future innovations

The opening of Alfa Laval’s new development and innovation centre in Flemingsberg in 2025 will also see the launch of an exciting new technology. Ground was recently broken for the centre, which will accommodate around 700 employees.

The groundbreaking ceremony for Alfa Laval’s new innovation centre in Flemingsberg proved to be a popular event. The ceremonial spade was taken jointly by head of the Stockholm County Administrative Board, Sven-Erik Österberg; Sammy Hulpiau, Site Manager Alfa Laval Tumba Flemingsberg; Daniel Dronjak, Chairman of the Huddinge municipal board; and Stefan Dahlbo, CEO of Fabege.
Alfa Laval’s Sammy Hulpiau gave a presentation about the company and plans ahead of the move, in which he mentioned that this will be the company’s second move since it was established in 1883.
“We’re building a new heart in Flemingsberg with a building of the highest environmental standards, with solar panels on the roof and heating and cooling from geothermal energy,” Hulpiau said.
He highlighted how the choice of location was driven in part by Flemingsberg’s development plans.
“Flemingsberg will be a place for business development and innovation with excellent infrastructure, including rail links directly to Arlanda airport and our operations in Eskilstuna.”
Stefan Dahlbo said that he believed that the groundbreaking ceremony was an important step in the development of Flemingsberg.
“We’re taking the next step towards creating a dynamic, innovative area for 50,000 workers, 50,000 residents and 50,000 visitors. This is one of Sweden’s largest urban planning projects that will attract urban planners from all over the world,” Dahlbo said.
Sven-Erik Österberg also spoke about Flemingsberg as a key part of the development of the entire region.
“I’m extremely proud to participate in the inauguration of Alfa Laval’s investment, which will be part of the development of the Flemingsberg of the future,” he said

The cradle of new technology
The new development and innovation centre will, for example, house an 8,000-square-metre high-altitude lab. This facility will make it easier to bring an idea or project to fruition in collaboration with other businesses and universities.
“Today, the development of new innovation requires an ecosystem of partners who can contribute to the development. Many different skill sets are required to succeed, and therefore our innovation centre will become a place for collaboration,” Hulpiau said.
In conjunction with the inauguration of Alfa Laval’s new building in 2025, the company will also launch a new technology which is being developed in collaboration between Alfa Laval and shipping company Wallenius under the project name: AlfaWall Oceanbird.
Oceanbird is a new technology for powering large cargo ships with wind power instead of internal combustion engines. Ships are to be fitted with vast sails, nearly a hundred metres high, which, once at sea, open out to create forward movement.
“We’re already well established in the marine sector with an extensive product portfolio. This will be a fresh step for us in which we again contribute to reduced carbon dioxide emissions and increased sustainability in marine shipping,” said Peter Nielsen, Business Unit President, Alfa Laval Marine Division.
The Oceanbird concept is also backed by KTH and SSPA.

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Presentations at the groundbreaking ceremony were broadcast live, for example to Alfa Laval employees in Tumba.

The groundbreaking ceremony for Alfa Laval’s innovation centre in Flemingsberg attracted considerable interest.

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