Irma Alert and The Digital Immune System: Winners of the Flemingsberg Science Award STARTUP 2024

Sweden’s children and youth are not doing well. Mental health issues, increasing neuropsychiatric disorders, and sociocultural confusion, partly caused by social media, are on the rise. As a result, the level of knowledge among young people is declining, with reading comprehension and mathematics being particularly problematic areas. Irma Alert, the winner of the Flemingsberg Science Award, wants to change this. 

“I am developing a digital environment aimed at taking better care of Sweden’s youth and which can be seen as a contrast to the social environments that to some extent create pressure on young people today. There, they will be able to get help, primarily through nudging and self-help methods, to feel better and thus perform better. It is a way to future-proof Sweden.” – Irma Alert, founder of The Digital Immune System.

“It’s a fact that psychological problems in children have doubled since 1980. Today’s society is hopelessly behind on monitoring and understanding the youth, years behind, and this needs to be changed. A backpack full of basic existing therapeutical methods combined with innovative features can be the gamechanger that the society needs. An experienced founder and an advisory board with broad competence can make this challenging idea fly!” – Johnny Högberg, CEO Flemingsberg Science Foundation.

See the full interview with Irma Alert.

Flemingsberg is Not Just a Stop Along the Way, but a Destination on the Rise

Flemingsberg is an area in constant development and transformation. To highlight the exciting progress being made and the opportunities that lie ahead, the Flemingsberg Science Foundation invited members of the Flemingsberg Business Community to an inspiring summer breakfast with the theme "What's Happening in Flemingsberg."

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