Marrakech opens Mediterranean buffet

Flemingsberg’s new lunch restaurant, Marrakesh, has become a firm favourite. The unique concept, with a self-service buffet, has topped expectations.

“We’ve had around 300 guests every day. Many people pick out what they want for their lunch here to eat at work,” says Abderrahim Asry, founder and restaurant manager.

With its variety of salads and warm dishes along with its wide selection of sides, the extensive buffet with self-serve dishes from the Mediterranean and North Africa has been a real hit. The whole set up means that guests pick what they want for their lunch, and pay by weight of what they chose.

“We hope that our concept can reduce food waste because every guest decides for themselves how much they eat. Waste from the restaurant has dramatically reduced as well.”

There are five Marrakesh restaurants in Stockholm, all with the same successful concept. Food for all five restaurants is prepared at a central kitchen in Årsta.

“We wanted to come to Flemingsberg because we knew that there’s a large workforce here, not least at the hospital. Our concept is highly successful: with us, every guest gets to decide how much they eat.”

View the full menu here:

Sthlm LifeTech gets full funding

Sthlm LifeTech is awarded over SEK 16 million from the European Regional Development Fund. The project is run by Region Stockholm and will enable advanced development and production environments in Flemingsberg to be opened to small and medium-sized companies.

Karin Mellström: “Co-operation is the key to success”

After 10 years as a start-up, CellProtect Nordic Pharmaceuticals has taken a major step forward. Our patient and careful work is now bearing fruit, explains Karin Mellström, CEO and founder. Looking back on her career, she sums it up by saying: “I’d never been bored for a second!”

P4 Stockholm covers south Stockholm from Södertörn University

Since September last year, Swedish Radio station SR P4 Stockholm has had a local editorial team based at Södertörn University. The initiative is part of the station’s comprehensive local news coverage in the region. It also creates opportunities for educational co-operation with journalism training at the university.

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