Strengthened collaboration with new website

Flemingsberg Science recently launched its new website with the aim of guiding more people to the resources they need in our knowledge-rich environment. Flemingsberg offers considerable potential for greater co-operation and further growth in activity.

“Our new website better reflects our mission to develop the campus area and further improve conditions for collaboration. By gathering knowledge about Flemingsberg, we open more doors to the area, something that can lead to new, exciting opportunities for ever greater numbers of people,” says Pernilla Boström, COO, Flemingsberg Science.
The new website offers, for example, a more detailed presentation of Flemingsberg’s shared areas of specialisation: healthy ageing, diversity and health, and advanced therapies. It is also possible to contact the respective heads of these areas directly.

Campus Flemingsberg also offers a raft of different knowledge areas and environments where individual colleges, Karolinska University Hospital and companies in Flemingsberg are particularly prominent. All these actors are presented in greater detail than previously.

The site also describes the current innovation environment from a variety of perspectives for students, researchers and businesses.

“We collect those organizations present in and around Flemingsberg that are in a position to provide different types of support and help. There are several different organizations that can contribute with everything from questions about patents, business ideas, financing, business development to co-working and networking,” says Boström.
The site also offers more information to businesses looking to establish in the area. Here you’ll find easy access to vacant office space, labs and core facilities, with more information relating to existing activities.
“The aim is to provide fast and personal contact. We know all about local conditions, markets and culture. Something that we hope will result in greater opportunities for most people.”

The site was launched mid-autumn and is available in Swedish and English.

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Vill du veta mer?
Prenumerera på vårt nyhetsbrev.