Biosfär: “We want to democratise the care of the elderly”

Biosfär took home first prize in the Södertörn Social Cup ideas contest, which rewards social innovations. The idea behind Biosfär is to give people in homes for the elderly and in nursing homes the opportunity to experience joint activities in virtual reality.

– Winning the Södertörn Social Cup is recognition that gives me the power to develop this from an idea into a company. I am a social person who grows when others believe in me, says Kayla Van Cleave, founder of Biosfär and ethnography student at Södertörn University.

Kayla Van Cleave

Biosfär is a form of experience space that, with the help of new technology, can create a virtual reality where it is possible to create and experience joint activities. It aims to make it possible for people with dementia to share their lives and experiences with others.

– Today there is a strong focus on improving the country’s care of the elderly and we can become an important part of that, improving people’s quality of life. We can help strengthen the welfare of a vulnerable group. Our vision is to democratise elderly care and give the elderly greater power over their lives, says Kayla Van Cleave.

The idea for Biosfär was born during Openlab’s Master’s course in Design Thinking and has been developed at the Reality Lab at Stureby Health Center.

– The Reality Lab has functioned as an operational team in development. At present, Biosfär is used almost daily in tactile therapy and cognitive workshops to create a community for the residents by strengthening the room virtually, she says.

The next step is to further develop the idea to spread it across the country.
– Now we are building a strong team that also includes our media technology partner Transpond. In addition, concept development is underway at the Reality Lab to be able to offer more homes for the elderly and nursing homes their own Biosfär, says Kayla Van Cleave.

Södertörn Social Cup is an ideas contest for social innovation run by by Venture Cup, Drivhuset, Södertörn University, NyföretagarCentrum Botkyrka – Huddinge, KI Innovation, Subtopia, Huddinge municipality and Botkyrka municipality.
The contest is aimed at early startups in social innovation with a focus on the UN’s 17 Goals for Sustainable Development, and is open to anyone with a connection to Södertörn.

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