“Soon we can meet again IRL”

The Flemingsberg Science Foundation turns ten this year. Ten years of entrepreneurship, campus development and regional collaboration.

How well we have succeeded is up to others to assess, and so we have initiated an evaluation of the foundation’s work to date, which will also give an impetus for the choice of future strategies and implementation models. The evaluation is expected to be completed in late autumn, just in time for the change of Foundation CEO when I retire in November. More on that later.

Since the Covid outbreak, our work has been characterised by video meetings, especially in our various focus groups. Success has exceeded expectations, thanks to the fact that the approximately 70 people who are involved in the groups had time to get to know one other and the issues even before the pandemic. But we are really looking forward to being able to meet again IRL, and hopefully soon – it is so much more enjoyable!

Many planned projects that were cancelled, such as the campus day and business club, etc., can now return and be included in planning for future activities. One project that has gone well despite the pandemic is the Stockholm Life Tech regional collaboration, which aims to open up public development resources for companies. Here, our advanced cell laboratories in Flemingsberg play a central role, and extensive work is underway to be able to involve more companies in the development of advanced therapies. In the long run, this can also form the basis for a growing industrial cluster in Flemingsberg.

Other very pleasing subjects are that our classic development area Healthy Ageing has received a fresh start and very considerable support from universities, healthcare organisations and companies to develop common solutions for this major societal challenge. Also there is a growing insight into the cultural sector’s potential to collaborate with other areas of knowledge, contributing with creative working methods and new perspectives.

There is a lot here to do!

Björn Varnestig, VD Flemingsberg Science

Compete for the Flemingsberg Science Award STARTUP 2024– take your ideas to the next level

Finally, registration for the Flemingsberg Science Award STARTUP 2024 is open. Do you have an exciting business idea that deserves expert testing? Are you ready to take it to the next level? Then this competition is perfect for you. Participate and compete for a prize of 10,000 SEK and three months of membership at Innovation Station - a coworking space, innovation hub, and meeting place in the heart of Campus Flemingsberg. 

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Vill du veta mer?
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